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Science has always been the tool to show fact and proof. It has been the key to create discoveries that aided mankind in living to his outmost potential. Science used logic, reason and data in order to know things and predict things, but can science ever be used to predict the future?

Science and Astrology

In the ancient times, man peered into the heavens and studied the movements of the stars and planets and used what they have seen to foretell the future. Wise men from around the world looked into the skies and observed how the heavenly bodies would affect the life on earth. They predicted famines, changing of tides and many more wonders.

But as the years have gone by, scientific evidence has now been used towards the renoucing of astrology. Astronomy and astrology are now seen as two different things. Scientists, meteorologists, astronomers, physicists and chemists saw astrology as a farce. They believed that science and predicting the future had nothing to do with each other.

Predicting the Future

Predicting the future can be tricky. Skills such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, tarot reading and the like are frowned upon by science. Abiliites such as these are deemed by science as unmeasurable and therefore cannot be proven true.

But what if science ever discovers that certain individuals have evolved beyond other humans and have acquired skills to allow them to use their brains further than the normal homosapien? Studies have claimed that humans are only able to use about 10% of our brains. This means that humans can only understand and examine the world around him only to a certain extent. There is a big posibility that there are others who are given talents that allow them to foresee the future.

Occurances such as lucid dreaming and deja vu have already been seen by science. Many individuals experience it, even if these people do not claim any special divination talents. This can show that future can be predicted by man.

Theory of Relativity

The Theory of Relativity states that time does not run in a chronological manner as we know it. It runs in a non linear way. What we know as past is percieved by our mind as something that has happened behind us and what we know as future is something our mind sees as something before us. But if time does not run in that manner and it is relative then therefore what we know as future may not really be something that lies in ahead and the unknown.

And if time does not run in a linear manner then therefore someone may already be experienced the said future whereas others have not. Much like if you are looking at a moving car on a road, it all depends on where you are standing and how you percieve the car.

Scientific Predictions and Theories

Science and factual datas have always been used to look into the future. It has been used to give information about space where in things are lightyears away. Science can predict occurances by puttng two and two together. Through careful observation and experimentation, science has predicted thigns that may occur.

Can Science and Divination Unite?

For now Science lies in one end of the spectrum while divinaion like tarot reading, clairvoyance and other forms of divination lies in the other end. They are of two different fields as most forms of divinations cannot be observed with controlled data. However in the future, there is a big chance that astrology and science can unite.

Humans are capable of many things now that were considered impossible before. Therefore knowing the unknown can just be around the corner. This knowledge can change the course of history and give rise to a better or worse future.

microbiology-163470_640Technology as taken a great leap as the years pass. In the past ten years, technology has taken a huge leap much bigger than it has had over the past fifty years before that. Phones have gone to really really small to really really big. Technology giants such as Google has developed glasses that works like a computer. They even made contact lenses that can take pictures. There are so many great inventions made recently. One of the best inventions so far is the creation of artificial DNA as a form of data storage.


DNA Storage, the Cutting Edge Technology of Data Storage


Recently, a company called Technicolor, has stored one of the oldest movies into a synthetic DNA. The film was entitled A Trip to the Moon which was a 1902 movie from France. This company was able to store a million copies of the said movie in a vial filled with DNA. The vial was the same size of a bullet.

This cutting edge tech was done by turning the movie into a binary code of ones and zeroes. The binary code is then embedded into DNA molecules which in turn creates the DNA sequence. DNA storage is one the best possible ways of storage because DNA does not get obsolete. Aside from that, DNA storage allows large amounts of data to be stored in a very small space. For example, instead of needing a whole room to store books or other forms of storage, information can be stored in small boxes.

There are also other forms of minimal storage such as super small hard drives or graphene sheets, but what makes DNA storage unique is that it can be stored even in live hosts as well as not needing special temperature conditions. This means that DNA storage can survive millions of years.


How Can DNA Storage Change the Future?


DNA storage is now one of the most innovative ways to create storage. Why? Because of it’s organic characteristic. DNA and living organisms go hand in hand. What does this mean. This means that we can create DNA that can be stored in the human body or in animal bodies. This would mean that personal data can be stored right in your blood.

Imagine not needing to have print out documents or save them in external storages because they can be kept right in your DNA. Imagine the world’s knowledge all captured in a space as small as heart or a brain?

Now what if this DNA data can be interpreted by our human mind? What if our brain can understand data from the core of the DNA instead of relying on other methods of learning knowledge? The possibilities are endless.


DNA Storage and Moving to Another Planet


Recently, NASA has discovered a planet very similar to planet Earth, Kepler-452b. Kepler-452b is a planet about 1,400 light years away from earth. Even with teleportation, traveling or moving to such a planet could mean minimal amounts of space in a spaceship that can ever visit this planet. In this sense, using micotechnology to provide needed data is essential if humans plan to move to another planet.

The thought of moving to another viable planet has long been the topic of many controversies and been thought of by many scientists. Our planet is now on the decline. Earth is becoming hotter and hotter. Severe storms have been becoming more frequent than before. The ocean’s level is rising, which may lead to the sinking of some low lying countries and islands. Our ozone layer has a hole as big as Canada and the pollution keeps on increasing.

All these reasons may lead to the search for planet where humans can move to in the future. Once humans move, scientists would like to provide a life similar to earth; thus a good source of information and storage is needed.

Through DNA storage, scientists can move future human colonies mapped from DNA sequences of humans instead of putting humans in cryogenesis for so long awaiting to move to the new planet. This technology would also allow the new humans to recall life in Earth. They can know about history, literature, art and sciences from Earth through the microstorage found on DNA Data.


Extreme BioTechnology


dna-163466_640Of course not all technology is accepted by people. Skeptics and conservatives would always look back into old prophecies and thoughts about the apocalypse and humans tampering with DNA; the very core of our being.

One of the prophecies states that the people of the damned ones will branded. Many interpret DNA coding as a step towards this particular branding. Passports will be obsolete because identities will now be encoded into your very own blood. Cardless transactions will be made because all your financial information will now be encrypted just by using a retinal scan or a finger print or even a drop of blood or saliva. Many people think this will more convenient, but others view this as extreme biotechnology.

Many fear that humans will no longer have individuality, but rather would not be just a series of ones and zeroes forming a binary code of a DNA. Others also fear this because this may challenge what they know about religion and faith. People can now be replicated by using their DNA. This can also allow people to save their memories into their DNA and once they die, they can live once more as the same person through data retrieval.


DNA Storage is Safe


For now we can rest well and worry less about DNA data storage. Through DNA storage, hacking can be resolved all together. We an live more conveniently. With this technology, we can pass on our knowledge and thoughts to future generations. The fears regarding this technology are unverified thoughts. The value of this invention outweighs all the doubts people have about it.

stained-glass-window-436008_640There has been much controversy about allowing women to become church leaders. Many scriptures in the bible dictate that women should surrender to her husband or to a man. St. Paul has often said that women should not be allowed to speak publicly. In the past women who gained knowledge were convicted of witchcraft and or working for the devil. This speculation stemmed from the power of the sacred feminine in the pagan religions.

The Story Behind Pope Joan


Pope Joan or Johanna Anglicus also known as John or Johannes Anglicus was a woman who rose into the ranks of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages. The story of Pope Joan was first chronicled by a historian named Jean de Mailly in the year 1250AD. Mailly mentioned that Joan was a woman who obtained education and knowledge by guising herself as a man. During those times women were believed to possess knowledge as having smaller uterus, the more knowledge she learns the less likely she is to bear more children. In Jean de Mailly’s stories, the female popess was unnamed and that she was a woman who followed her lover into the monastery. There she became an excellent scribe. She also learned how medicine and later on became a Cardinal, then the Pope. In Jean de Mailly’s Chronica Universalis Mettensis he mentions that this woman rose into the ranks of power in the year 1099 by disguising herself. She then was discovered when she went into labor and gave birth in an Easter procession. Since this was an unspeakable crime against the Roman Catholic Church, the female pope was then dragged by the horse and the people stoned her to death. According the Jean de Mailly, the woman pope was not registered in the roster of the popes due the shame it has brought the Church.

Another chronicler and historian wrote about Joan, Martin of Opava. In his texts he mentions her as John Anglicus or John of Mainz from her name Joan was born in Mainz. Joan was said to have taken the papal seat for two years, seven months and four days between the reign of Pope Leo IV and Benedict III during the years between 850AD. In his Chronicon Pontificum et Imperatorum he mentions that Joan went to Athens to learn in the guise of a man. He then became a teacher and lecturer. Many of his students were of royal blood or were famous people. Later on she moved to Rome and became the Pope. According to his chronicles, he states that Joan suddenly gave birth while at a procession that lead to her being discovered as a female she was then convicted and executed. In a later version of this story of Martin of Opava, it states that Joan was not executed at all. It was said that she was deposed and exiled in confinement. Her son became a man of the church and much like his mother became a great man of the church, holding the post as the Bishop of Ostia. He then gave clemency and pardon to her when she died cleansing her from the so called heretic sins.

Many stories and legends were written of her. It was said that her face was one of the busts that was displayed in the Siena Cathedral, but was later on destroyed in the 16th century because of the controversy of having a female pope amongst the male dominated church. One pope, Clement VIII stated in 1601 that the story of Pope Joan is nothing but a fallacy. Many Protestants in that time came to support the belief of having a female pope. One English writer Alexander Cooke wrote a book in the analysis of having a female pope and in order to shed light to the dismissed story. There were also plays written about her during the Renaissance time. In the year 1972, a movie titled Pope Joan was made and was even retitled The Devil’s Imposter in the US. It was shown again in 2009 titled as She. In 2009 another movie also bearing the title Pope Joan came about with a European cast and crew. In this film they have shown Joan as a smart girl who was allowed by the Bishop of Mainz to go to school. She then fell in love with a knight but her foster mother did not allow this and also disagreed with her going to school. She was made to marry but her marriage was stopped due to a siege in the church. She then took her brothers indentures to become a monk and entered a monastery. She became proficient in the writing and healing. She became terribly ill and escaped the monastery for the fear of being discovered as a woman. She went on a pilgrimage to Rome, where she became a doctor of the Pope. Her former lover met her again and they consummated their love making her pregnant as she became pope. She had many enemies in the church who wished to depose her. So they plotted to get rid of her. So in the end they assassinated her lover, the captain of the papal guard. This lead to her miscarriage and death during an Easter procession.

Significance of a Female Pope in Male Church


The Catholic Church elevated the status of the man. They depicted God as a male with white hair and kind eyes. Jesus was depicted as male and only the Holy Spirit did not have a gender. Mary who was supposed to be the stand in of the Sacred Feminine was a mere human compared to her Holy Child. The apostles were male and one of the female apostles, Magdalene was often depicted as a prostitute. In the end of the 2009 movie Pope Joan, one of the girls Joan helps becomes a bishop as well in the guise of a man. She then states that how many women have wanted to serve the church but could never do so because of the rules. Some of them risk their lives in order to gain knowledge and study or become priests.

notre-dames-273745_640So what does Pope Joan give us? Pope Joan basically gives the power to woman. Even now in the diverse and tolerant times, women are still not allowed to hold a papal seat or even become a priest. It is said that before a pope is proclaimed, he is then made to seat into a seat with a hole. A Cardinal would try then to touch if his testicles dangled from the said hole and if it does he is then announced as pope.

For a church that preaches kindness, love and piety, being sexist and inequality still reigns. The catholic and even the protestant churches still hold biases about gender and leadership. Muslims do now allow women to marry multiple times but men are allowed. Is there really still much discrimination among women? Most people depict witches as grotesque women mixing a large cauldron and that they are of the devil.

Pope Joan is a beacon of hope for women. Women can rule and change this world. Free it from hate and war just like a man can. There may be a need to analyze church doctrines and allow women and men alike to hold the highest position.

Similarities of Christianity and PaganismChristianity was born about 2000 years ago when the followers of Christ a holy man or prophet or deity propagated this religion. At first they were the persecuted ones. Being a religious minority among Jews and Romans, they had to suffer cruelty and even death for what they believed in. Christians were tortured, killed and even crucified. They were steadfast people who were willing to suffer in the name of their Messiah.

During the time of Constantine the Great, the population of Christians became vast and great. It threatened the stability of the Roman Empire. Even Constantine’s mother, Elena was a Christian. Afraid that Christians would topple over his empire, Constantine decided the improbable, to switch the whole empire to Christianity. He declared that Rome would be known as the Holy Roman Empire.


Sun Worship


Through the centuries our ancestors whether from the east or west worshipped the Sun. They saw the sun as the giver of life. The sun was the source of the Light. Christianity has put much importance on the Light and shunned Darkness for in Darkness belonged evil. In Egypt, the Sun-God Amun-Ra was thought to resurrect every morning as the sun rises same as the resurrection seen in the Bible.

Saints were represented with a sun like halo around their head similar to the sun disks in ancient Egypt. In the east such as in Japan, they worshipped the sun-god Amaterasu which was deity who was pure. Christian worshipped on a Sunday, whilst Pagans worshipped the Sun. The sun represented the coming of seasons and tides and how life is brought fourth.


Placing Virgin Mary as the Mother of God with an Almost Divine Postion


Christianity is a patriarchal religion led by men from the highest to the lowest positions. Men were used to depict the images of God the Father and Jesus Christ. They first tried to put down women by assigning women as harlots that removed the power of men. Unfortunately, female worship was very strong and powerful in Europe. This compromised the young and fragile Christianity. In Rome, major Goddesses such as Juno, Venus and Minerva had strong followers. The oracle of Delphi and its priestesses were females. They had to do something. They had to elevate the position of Mary. Renaming her as the Queen of Heaven and Earth she was ascended into heaven by angels.

In Paganism, women symbolized fertility and life. They were symbols of the growth of the grain and thus births were seen as the power assigned to women to give life. Hence Christians could not deny this. So instead of having Mary as a virgin vessel who carried the Messiah, she was not lifted to a higher position. Up to this day, Mary has been given an almost god-like status in many countries who originally believed in matriarchal powers. Devotees of Mary pray to her and offer her gifts much like Romans and Greeks offered gifts to Hera or Juno.

Christmas: The celebration of the Yuletide Season


Yule is a Pagan tradition that celebrated the winter months when the world “died” in the cold. The Christmas tree was the Evergreen trees seen by Pagans as the holy tree that could live even in the freezing cold days of winter. Winter Solstice was the celebration of the shortest day of year that began on the December 22nd. This was continued on the 23rd and the 24th, which was the eve of Christmas. The 25th was when the sun returned and thus the birth of “Light” which is also seen as the birth of Christ in Christian faith. Many Pagan god-men were also born on the said date since it coincided with the end of the celebration of the end of Winter Solstice.


Samhain or Halloween – All Saints Day and All Souls Day


The celebration of Halloween, or Samhain as Pagans would call it was a holy time to communicate with the spirits of their ancestors. They lit candles and offered food. To imitate this age old tradition, the Catholic Church declared that the 1st of November would be the day for All Saints Day, the day of holy people who have died and did not have feast day. The following day was All Souls Day on the 2nd of November. This allowed the Pagans who have switched to Christianity to still remember their dead without succumbing to Satanic and occult ways.


Easter: Bunnies and Eggs are Symbols of Fertility


Incorporating Paganism into Christian ways made Christianity very popular and desirable. The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs are symbols of life and fertility in spring. Easter also run at the time of the Spring Equinox where the world rises from the darkness of winter and lives on; the same concept seen in the resurrection of Jesus.


The Virgin Birth


All through time and history, the virgin birth has been seen as one of the most powerful metaphors of divinity. A deity in order to be fully pure has to be conceived outside of sexual intercourse, which of course was the way humans were born and existed. Jesus was conceived after Mary, accepted the Spirit of God which descended upon her. Other similar stories was of Queen Maya, mother of Siddharta Gautama or Gautama Buddha, founder of the Buddhist religion. Queen Maya was said to have married her husband for 20 years with no children. She first had a dream of four devas or angels who carried her and adorned her with jewels in the mountains. Then she was then visited by a white elephant in a dream. The elephant had a flower on its trunk that circled her three times and put the seed in womb through her right side. Another one is Horus, the Egyptian god was born of Isis a Virgin goddess. She has required her worshipper not have sexual contact, which thus mean that she too did not conceive Horus through consummating acts.

In Horus’s story, which happened thousands of years before the birth of Christ, Horus was born on the 25th of December as well. He was born at end of Winter Solstice as a Sun god. A later version of Amun-Ra, he exemplified power over darkness, since he was the Light god. He was worshipped by the Egyptians as their deliverer from the evils of the nightfall. In historical accounts, the similarity of the two deities’ births were too uncanny. They were both born the same date, both in a manger, to a virgin.

Christianity may be a younger religion which is a culmination of earlier traditions from various Pagan beliefs. Gnostics during the ancient times believed in an inner and outer teaching. They only allowed one to know the inner teachings when one is initiated into the sect. The inner teachings said that all the teachings said that the stories in the Bible were mystical symbols that intended inspiration rather literal interpretation. However most of the Gnostics were persecuted at time and killed. Only the Outer teachings prevailed and thus literal meanings were kept.

The book of Dan Brown, The Da Vinci code has awoken many to look into historical and more realistic meaning from the Bible. But however we look at it, Jesusa was a holy man who walked and taught kindness, humility and love. Whether or not he is divine is subject to debate, but this should not take away that kindness and love are the basic foundations of religions around the world and should be propagated. We should treat each other with respect and goodness.


Similarities of Christianity and Paganism

The Virgin Birth:

The Sun god Ra  

Amaterasu – The sun goddess

Maya, Mother of Buddha

Miraculous Births

Horus from a virgin birth

Why to Try a Tarot Reading

Have you heard about tarot readings? Chances are, you have, or you may have even seen one done. Reading tarot cards in order to tell fortunes and see into a person’s life has been an art that has been practiced for many years. But what are the various reasons that you may be considered or should get a tarot reading? Here, we will explore these things in greater detail.

Get Answers and Receive Guidance

If you would like to know more about your life in the present, why things have happened to you, or even what things may possibly lay in-store for you in the coming time, a tarot card reading can help you. Whereas some psychics feel more adept at telling you what things are to come, others feel more adept in helping you to determine what it going on with you spiritually at the moment. Oftentimes, psychics can help you with both these things in separate readings.

See Into the Future

If you want to know more about what your future holds for you, a tarot cards reading can help you to determine it. Whether looking for guidance for just the coming days, or for far in the future, a tarot card reading can help you with these issues. It can help you to determine what to do in your love life, financial life, work life, and much more. For years, people have consulted the tarot about their future in all aspects of their life. You, too, can get guidance in this exact same way. 

Start a New Life Out Right

Have you recently made a decision in your life, or are pondering what to currently do about a situation in your life? The tarot can provide guidance here, as well. Whenever you start a new chapter in your life, or right before you do, you may want to know more about the things that await you if you take a particular path. By examining where your life currently is, as well as the different paths that you are considering taking, the tarot can lend some guidance that you can decide whether or not to act on. Many people feel that consulting a higher power about where their life might take them is a great way to reach a final decision on what things to do or not to do.

Stop Struggling

Are you really struggling with a particular aspect of your life? This can happen to anybody, often, in a variety of situations. Sometimes the weight of failure or possible failure in one aspect of your life can be too much to handle on your own. When you consult the tarot about what to do in a particular aspect in your life, you can put your worries to ease, at least somewhat, or seek answers about how you can change something that you are unhappy with.

Making Decisions

Where can you take particular questions to about what to do or not to do? Whether the decisions you are struggling with are very important, or you just need some daily guidance, a tarot card reading can also help you to decide what to do in nearly any aspect of your life. Even questions which might seem very mundane can easily be more informed with a reading such as this. Having just a bit of insight into what might be best for you can really change your outlook, as well as your ultimate decision about how to make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Get a First Reading Free or Cheap

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Contact a Psychic Today

If you are interested in having a tarot card reading (or other psychic service) performed on your behalf, contact a psychic today. You might be surprised about all the guidance and answers that they can help you with. Psychics are standing by today to help you in whatever way possible, or to answer any questions about their services that you might have. Contact them today!

Telepathy is the ability to communicate or transmit massages between minds, without the help of sense organs. It refers to the transmission or communication of thoughts through the mind, which can be developed with regular practice.

Telepathy is the apparent communication between two minds, without the use of the five physical senses or the conventional methods of communication like, verbal and written communication. It refers to the ability to transfer or communicate thoughts via the mind. Believers in the existence of telepathic ability are of the opinion that it is the innate ability to read the mind or thoughts of other people, and is present in humans, as well as many other living creatures.

Though telepathy has not been able to get acceptance from the scientific community, due to absence of satisfactory working mechanism, large number of people believe in the existence of such instinctual and innate ability of the mind to send and receive massages without the help of the sense organs. They believe that we mainly fail to notice such telepathic abilities of the mind, as we tend to ignore our instinctual feeling.

How to Develop Telepathy?

Believers in telepathy are of the opinion that the development of this mental ability, as well as other psychic abilities is very much possible with the help of some exercises and deep meditation. These methods help to control the mind and enable to focus and concentrate in a better way, in order to enhance the telepathic abilities of the individuals. The first step to develop telepathy is to believe in the existence of telepathic abilities and possibility of telepathic communication without a shred of doubt. One has to also believe completely in the abilities of his or her mind to develop such psychic abilities.

The next step is to practice some simple exercises to improve the ability of your mind to concentrate. Meditation techniques can help immensely to strengthen the mind and increase concentration, which in turn, can help to realize such psychic abilities. You can practice these exercises on your own or take a friend or relative to help you in this endeavor. There are some great psychics on oranum and psychic source that you can try, if you want some inspiration.

To begin with, one should practice the simple and easy exercises and for a short period of time. Practicing telepathic exercises for a prolonged time period can lead to mental tiredness or exhaustion, if you are a beginner. If you could find a partner or friend, who also believes in telepathy, then the whole process can become more interesting. You can start with a simple exercise or game like guessing the color or object that your partner is thinking. Explain to your partner that he or she is supposed to be the sender and you are the receiver.

The sender is required to think and visualize a particular color, object or a geometric shape in his or her mind for a preset time limit. As for example, take five colors or five objects to begin with and ask the sender to visualize any one of the object or the color, to send the image to the receiver through telepathic communication. Now, the receiver has to tell what color or object the sender is visualizing. For doing so successfully, relax your mind and meditate or concentrate in the present moment, without thinking anything else. Then try to connect to the mind of the sender, in order to pick up the telepathic message, he or she is sending. After a preset time period, the sender has to name the object or color that the sender is visualizing.

If the receiver fails to name the object correctly, then the sender has to again concentrate and visualize the particular object and send or transmit the message to the receiver. Once the practice session is over, try to examine and analyze the kind of images that you were receiving, while trying to pick up what your partner was visualizing. However, do not strain your mind excessively while practicing the exercises for increasing telepathic power. Keep the practice session short in the initial stage, and then gradually prolong the session in order to sharpen your telepathic abilities. For practicing such exercises, choose a calm and serene place or room, away from any kind of distraction. The beginners can also consider taking the help of a professional or expert in this field to get more satisfactory results.

By Chandramita Bora


Introduction: New concepts and theories of Cosmology postulate multiple universes and multiple dimensions that give the universe its structure.  However, the concept of a Multiverse is not new.  Ancient Sanskrit and Chinese texts discuss the Multiverse.

“According to Vedic Cosmology, there are countless universes, which are clustered together like foam on the surface of the Causal Ocean. The universes are separated from each other by the shell that envelopes each universe. Although the universes are clustered together, interactions between the universes are impossible. Each universe is completely protected by an enormous shell. Thus, each universe has a boundary. The universe is ball shaped and surrounded by an eight-fold shell. This shell is composed of primeval material elements in their most subtle manifestation. The shell consists of eight spherical layers in which each successive material element is manifested and stored. If we penetrate the universal shell consisting of these eight spherical layers, we will enter the universal globe and find a hollow region containing all the inhabited planets. “ (1)

The newest theory in physics is string, superstring, and M-theory.  The new theories use extra dimensions of space beyond the three we are familiar with, but the 6 extra dimensions are not observable as they are compactified to such small dimensions, curled up in a tiny space less than the Planck length.  However, M-theory, an integration of string theories and beyond postulates extra extended dimensions like our familiar psychic universe.  The branes that compose a universe may come in multiples and interact with each other according to some theorists.  It is even possible that these branes are spherical and compose shells as pictured in ancient Vedic Cosmology.

These strings can vibrate with different frequencies, and in so doing they create different types of particles. That’s comparable to plucking a guitar to generate different notes. When physicists play the music of the cosmos, the faster a string vibrates, the more massive, or energetic, the particle created.

Whether M-theory will turn out as a unified theory will probably depend on the accuracies of its predictions and whether the theory is internally consistent and a reflection of physical processes. The idea of matter frequencies is not new and may give us some insight on another way to view the existence of multiple universes.

Time:  “Time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening at once “
–Unknown .  Time is an elusive concept.  We speak of the past, present, and future.  Our memories confirm the existence of a past world, and our imaginations envision the future.  The present is ever fleeting and cannot be caught. We know time subjectively and we measure its passage by the ticking clock, but what is time?

Time seems to be the persistence of space, energy, and matter.  We measure this persistence by periodic motions.  Any particle or planet that has a regular periodic motion can serve as a clock for the measuring of time.  We consider the diurnal rotation of the earth as marking a day and we have arbitrarily divided the day into 24 hours.

We know that the rate of time changes with velocity according to the Special Theory of Relativity and at extremely high velocities we can determine the dilation of a second of time using the relativistic equation.  The Time Dilation equation for Relativity is:

In the relativistic equations time is a fourth dimension.  Could there be another dimension to time?  Some physicists think so, but this leads to further paradoxes.

If we look at how we use time in physics, in units of seconds as determined by the vibration of atoms, then we are treating the vibration as a constant with a fixed period.  What if there is a fundamental vibration?  A string in M-theory has different modes and frequencies of vibration.  Whether a string or ring, these vibrations can determine the character of fundamental physical particles.  What if there were vibrations out of phase with our universe?  Would they be detected?  Could a time frequency define a universe?

Other than an extra extended spatial dimension for another universe, the possibility of frequency universes may also be a hypothesis that could ultimately be tested and allow for communication between universes.

One of the fundamental frequencies that can be attributed to sub-atomic particles is spin frequency.  If we combine the energy of a photon and the energy of mass we could derive a spin frequency equation:

F = mc2/h

In this equation h refers to Planck’s constant.  Both c and h contain units of time.

If these spin rates vary, it is possible that such matter will not interact with photons and thus be invisible from our perspective.  Just like a spinning fan which speeds up until one can no longer see reflection from the blades.

This is conjecture at this point and experiments on changing spin frequency of elementary particles are not something our scientists have a handle on at present.  Anecdotal stories of spectral sights that are seen in moments of psychic vision seem to imply the existence of invisible worlds.  Metaphysical tradition states that these other worlds are vibrating faster than the world we sense.  This is one possibility which can be modeled.

Space:  The extension of objects in space is something that is also fundamental to physics and most hyperdimensional physical theories, such as the Kaluza-Klein theory, string theories, and M-theory deal with the mathematics of extra spatial dimensions.

Spatial dimensions beyond the three of our everyday world are difficult, even impossible to visualize though some mathematicians have tried.  If we visualize a cube in three-dimensional space, could we extend this to visualize a hypercube in four-dimensional space?  The problem is that we define a dimension as orthogonal to other dimensions and we can only perceive three orthogonal extensions which we have defined as length, breadth, and width.  We do not know how to rotate another 90 degrees to point to that fourth spatial dimension.

In M-theory the extra spatial dimensions may form closed loops that are as small as 10-33 cm (Planck length) and are said to be compactified.

“Many physicists hope that string theory will ultimately unify quantum mechanics, the theory of small-scale interactions, with general relativity, the theory of gravity. String theory requires at least nine spatial dimensions, so proponents normally claim that all but three of them are compactified and only accessible in extremely high-energy particle collisions. As an alternative to compactified dimensions and cheap psychic texts, Lisa Randall of Princeton University and Raman Sundrum, now of Stanford University, describe a scenario in which an extra, infinite dimension could have remained undetected so far.

Other researchers have pointed out that if extra dimensions exist, the strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces and their associated particles might operate within a three-dimensional “subspace” of the higher dimensional world. Like tarot beads on a wire that lies on a table, the particles would be restricted to their own set of dimensions, unable to move beyond them. But gravity, like psychic readings is different: It consists of the motions of space-time, which includes all dimensions simultaneously. So Randall and Sundrum imagine a world with four spatial dimensions, where gravity exists in all four, but the other forces–and all of our direct experience–exist in 3D. They say we live in a “3-brane” located at some specific position along the fourth spatial dimension.” (2)

Many physicists believe that these extra-dimensional theories are very speculative and that ultimately we could not prove the existence of extra dimensions, but the rejoinder is that these theories are successful in predicting particle masses and energies.  The future may bring new theories and discoveries.

Many Worlds Theory:  In 1957, Hugh Everett III proposed a radical new way of dealing with some of the more perplexing aspects of quantum mechanics. It became known as the Many-Worlds Interpretation.

According to this interpretation, whenever numerous viable possibilities exist, the world splits into many worlds, one world for each different possibility (in this context, the term “worlds” refers to what most people call “universes”). In each of these worlds, everything is identical, except for that one different choice; from that point on, they develop independently, and no communication is possible between them, so the people living in those worlds (and splitting along with them) may have no idea that this is going on.

The Many-Worlds Interpretation is an interpretation of quantum mechanics, and pertains to quantum events. But it also has implications for macroscopic systems like you and me. Although you may think that there are certain alternatives you would never choose, can you really be sure of that? There are a practically infinite number of versions of you, who have all split off at some time in the past from the path you are now following. There may be versions of you that split off five or ten years ago, or perhaps five minutes after you were born, to whom those choices may not seem unthinkable. But in a very real sense, those people are still “you” (but it can be argued that we should not use the word “are”, or even “were”; we need to invent a new kind of tense…) (3)

Bubble Universes:  Alan Guth’s evolving theory of an Inflationary Universe, one that rapidly expanded from the Big Bang, a fluctuation of the false vacuum led to the concept of many such universes bubbling out of the vacuum and our universe is only one of these bubbles floating around in a superspace.

 Transdimensional travel:  The exciting world of science fiction contains many stories of transdimensional travel in psychic space and time.  Perhaps as we proceed in our understanding of how the universe works, we may someday realize these stories and they may become a real part of our technology.  Already such marvels as photon teleportation and quantum computing are being explored in laboratories around the world.  It is exciting to think that someday we may visit another universe which would have to be very similar if not identical to our own in physical principle if we are to survive the journey.  We may also find doorways in time and visit other times.

Psychic Energetics

Psychic Energetics

Jedom / Pixabay

With the release of the motion picture What the Bleep do We Know? A new scientific paradigm has caught the attention of the public.  Now a book is coming out by the same name.  This has reversed the usual sequence of development in which a movie is usually based on some book.  Now we will have a book based on a movie.

The movie and the book are designed to stimulate an individual to re-think the nature of their daily reality.

With the help of fourteen leading quantum physicists, scientist and spiritual thinkers, this book guide readers on a course from the scientific to the spiritual, and from the universal to the deeply personal. Along the way, it asks such questions as:

–         Are we seeing the world as it really is?

–         What are thoughts made of?

–         What is the relationship between our thoughts and our world?

–         Are we biologically addicted to certain emotions?

–         How can I create my day every day?

The answer to the last question is a resounding yes: you are an infinite set of possibilities, and you can choose every day which reality you want to create for yourself. This book shows you how.1


From my own experience and studies I can say that the world as we see it, our perception of the world, is rooted in our beliefs and the impressions made upon us by sensory stimuli, but does not tell us the truth about the nature of reality and that is a question that is important when we have two dichotomies in the metaphysics of common people.   To the university trained scientist who has been steeped in the philosophy of naturalism, there are only material causes and the universe is a mechanical entity that has material causes and effects to be verified by senses or artificial sensing, measurements, and observations made under strictly controlled conditions.  On the other hand is the seminary trained minister who has been taught that God made the universe and God is spirit who created the universe as a thought with a plan for both the universe and humankind.  The minister teaches us that there is hope through belief in an afterlife and the scientists say there is only hope through technology and life extension.  Neither point-of-view is represented by the motion picture.  We have; instead, an idea born of the synthesis of discoveries is quantum physics, consciousness, and a westernized version of eastern philosophy such as we find in Asia, and especially India and Tibet.

A few scientists have investigated claims of extra-sensory perception and psychokinesis and more recently those extraordinary practices known as remote viewing and remote influencing.  The thousands of hours spent in laboratories by Dr. J.B. Rhine and others have still failed to convince the broader scientific community of the reality of ESP, much less a reality that transcends the physical.

We have also seen a greater interest in near-death and out-of-body experiences.  These NDEs seem to verify the existence of a spiritual component in humans that survives the death and disintegration of the body, a conclusion so anathema to the naturalist that he or she will go to any length to find an alternative explanation for such reports even if it seems to stretch known facts.

I had an early interest in ESP when as a teenager I haunted the public library in Alhambra, California and searched for any book on the subject that I could find on the shelves.  As with other readers, reading one book led to an interest in another book or related topic.  As I navigated my way through puberty I started having extraordinary experiences of my own.  I saw beautiful lights that would appear and drift across the room.  These always seem to have the purest colors.  I saw one of these that looked like an iridescent bubble drift right by my Aunt who was seated in a chair watching television and took no notice of it.  Were some people blind to these lights?  I wondered and thought about it.  I started to see colorful emanations around the shoulders of family and friends.  I then read everything I could find about the human aura.  Later, I started to receive telepathic messages and wrote in strange script.  Then I apparently made contact with UFOs that flew by my aunt’s house where I lived as a boy.  All of this lasted through my high school years and started to fade as I matriculated at a local university to study psychology rather than the engineering I was fond of in order to become a parapsychologist.

Joining the Foundation for Research in Parapsychology in 1960, I had the opportunity of flying with my new friend John McCoy to an ESP lab in Carmel, Californiarun by a Dr. Andrija Puharich, the founder of the FRP.  I was impressed with Puharich and his lab.  He had a large Faraday cage that you could sit inside of and test for ESP and PK effects.  There was a beat oscillator hanging from the ceiling inside the cage.  He said that a Kahuna from Hawaii was tested inside the cage which minimized electromagnetic transmissions from being transmitted or received once a high voltage was applied to the walls of the cage.  He said that the Kahuna could turn on the beat oscillator, change its frequency up and down the spectrum, and turn it off all by the power of intention.  It seemed incredible.  If I could do this I should be able to change channels on my television set with the power of mind alone.

One apparatus that fascinated me and Purharich used in conjunction with scientifically testing psychic Peter Hurkos was another oscillator, a variable frequency oscillator that could be controlled by any operator as the operator donned taped-over goggles and stared into a strobing light that changed in frequency set by the controls on the oscillator.  I sat down and proceeded according to instructions and as I raised the strobes frequency geometric figures and colors started to appear within the field of vision.  These changed with increasing stroboscopic frequency and were entrancing.  According to Puharich, Hurkos would stare into the strobe and eject from his body and soar above the Carmel Valley reporting back what he could see from a bird s eye view.  Then Purharich would compare descriptions of known targets with Peter’s report.  According to him, Hurkos always seemed to be able to see accurately from his OOB viewpoint.

Despite under funding and lack of support new investigations are proving we can influence physical states of reality with human intention.  Is this magic?  Such statements do not set well with those who have staunchly maintained their philosophical indoctrination of scientific naturalism and emotional reactions to such scientific results is quick to come.

Dr. William Tiller is a pioneer in the field of psychoenergetics, a field that I would consider a subset of psychophysics.  Tiller has performed some amazing experiments that will only be alluded to here in this short essay so I would encourage the reader to read his books even though some of his books have heavy mathematical treatment.  I consider he is a leader in creating a new scientific paradigm, one that actually embraces body, mind, and spirit as the greater reality and the psychoenergetic interactions of consciousness with matter.

Quoting Tiller from his paper on Conscious Acts of Creation:

Today, we once again have abundant experimental evidence concerning nature’s expression that is being swept under the rug by the scientific establishment because it doesn’t fit into the current prevailing paradigm. This concerns the issue of whether or not human qualities of spirit, mind, emotion, consciousness, intention, etc., can significantly influence the materials and processes of physical reality. The current physics paradigm would say no and indeed there is no place in the mathematical formalism of the paradigm where any human qualities might enter.  However, the database that supports an unqualified yes response is very substantial [1-10].  Read more about this topic and review of Oranum psychics. This article is dedicated to illustrating to this readership both why, from a scientific perspective, the yes response is the correct one and, briefly, what some of its implications are for philosophy, religion and technology. 2


In concluding, I would like to enumerate some of the postulates I have devised after 40 years of thought on the subject.  I call this line of thought Cybernoetics but it is mainly a non-naturalistic philosophy rooted in non-material ideas.


Premise:  Mind, life, and the universe can be modeled synthesizing concepts from cybernetics, information theory, systems theory, elements of eastern and western philosophies and sciences.

Postulate Alpha:  The primary source of existence is an undifferentiated, unviewable, and unconditioned being of no dimension.  This source will be designated Alpha.

Postulate Beta:  Alpha creates and uncreates existences by intention and imagination.  Existences are characterized by quantum states of binary information occurring in pairs of opposites.  Existences are also characterized by dimensionality.  That which cannot be measured exists in virtual states of potentiality.

Postulate Gamma: Alpha and Beta continually interact.  This interaction gives us time, space, and energy.  This interaction is in terms of communication and control.

 Postulate Delta: Alpha assumes beingness in a virtually infinite number of entities that retain the basic qualities and capacities of Alpha, which are three in number: 

Awareness, Intentionality, and Intelligence.  An entity will be designated as a Psichon. 

Postulate Epsilon: Life is an interaction involving creation, control, information, organization, and exchange of energy through time and space between Psichons and Psichons and the physical universe.

Postulate Zeta:  Life can exist in free states or bound states. Life is impelled toward free states of maximum power, intelligence, understanding, knowledge, and joy and is repelled from bound states of stupidity, unawareness, non-comprehension, ignorance, and depression.  

Awareness is a basic state of being.  It manifests itself as perception.  Perception can occur with attention to feedback and modifies states of awareness. 

Intentionality manifests itself in communication and control and can effect cycles of creation, change, and uncreation. 

 Intelligence manifests itself as computational processing of information in terms of perception and feedback and decisions that modify actions and conditions of action.

 Actions are in terms of self-initiated actions, self-control, or reaction to feedback.

I found this very relevant article concerning the role of INTENTION in life¦


Foundation for Mind-Being Research Editorial

Speculations About PK

Evidence that intention or purpose plays an important, perhaps a dominant role in the way the universe runs has been piling up to such an extent that I feel relatively safe in climbing out on a limb with a few speculations.

First, let me describe some of this evidence which seems so compelling to me. There is the anthropic principle which states that the universe itself is organized and constructed in such a way that people–conscious observers–are an inevitable product of its evolution. This idea which is linked with the physics of elementary particles as well as “big bang” cosmology is both beautiful and awesome in its implications.

The placebo effect is another kind of phenomenon which pushes me in the general direction I am trying to describe. Here the belief in the efficacy of a certain medicine seems to have a powerful influence on the body’s response to that medicine. And along this same line, the current popularity of imagery and visualization extending even to the world of sports and athletics suggests that more and more people are catching on to the idea that planting the right thought or picture in the subconscious is the key to the programming of the body for a desired behavior.

Finally I would mention the mass of data that has emerged from studies on psychokinesis (PK). Micro-PK research, such as with random event generators, has shown that thought or intention is weakly but measurably coupled to atomic or quantum-level systems. Macro-PK studies, whether they be informal spoon-bending at “PK parties” or carefully instrumented work in the laboratory, suggest that the release of relatively large amounts of physical energy can be triggered by thought power.

Now one more piece of information from physics before I climb out on that limb. There is a rule governing the behavior of physical systems called “Hamilton’s Principle of Least Action.” Action is defined as the product of energy and time, and the Principle of Least Action simply states that when a system undergoes some kind of change it chooses a path along which this product has a mathematical minimum (assuming influences from outside the system are negligible). I won’t get into the question about how the system “knows” that the path taken is indeed one of minimum action. I want to emphasize, however that the principle has been found to be valid for both large scale (classical) systems and small scale (quantum) systems.

Now I would like to pull these ideas together and see what can be made of them. First I need to make a couple of simple assumptions: (1) “Thought” takes place at a different level than the physical (call it “mind”) but interacts with the physical through a weak coupling between physical energy and a more subtle energy form. (2) The physical level operates in accordance with natural law (Hamilton’s Principle) except at the times when thought interacts with it.

Note that (1) is an attempt to clarify the term “psychokinesis”. (Naming a phenomenon does not explain it!) It is suggesting that the mind-matter connection is nothing more or less than PK. Some readers may see in (2) some similarity to “Feynman diagrams” and this is precisely the image I wish to evoke. An analogy can be made to a billiard ball (physical system) rolling in a straight line until a cue stick (thought) interacts with it and sends it in a new direction. An interaction point is sometimes called a “vertex.”

Using this model it is immediately evident that we run our bodies by PK. From fetal stage on, we have been learning and practicing this skill. Whether finger wiggles or healings, the same process links thought to substance. Intention dictates the direction; physics and chemistry take it from there. And this goes for getting sick, too. If the mind suggests anything other than perfect health to the body, the body will obediently cooperate with the “intent” and proceed along a path of least action (or minimum energy) until the next vertex. The path taken may correspond to whatever disease is in vogue at the time (highest probability/least energy) or may produce a more exotic set of symptoms depending on the energy barriers erected by the immune system which is great for keen psychics. Thus, drug effectiveness could be seen in terms of molecular obstacles placed in the path of the biochemical reactions associated with the disease process.

PK outside the body seems more difficult to us only because we haven’t had all those years of practice that we have had with our bodies. Anyhow, why mess around trying to PK objects when it’s much easier to use the body to move things. Also things outside of our bodies are in the public domain and are subject to a consensus about what constitutes “reality.” The PK party provides an environment where the consensus can be changed temporarily allowing individuals to experience how sharply focused intention followed by a release can trigger a rather large energy transformation (as in metal bending).

Research into PK processes and energies should be one of the highest priority programs in the mind sciences. Rather than being another psychic novelty, it is my feeling that PK represents the most fundamental process in the universe.

Robert L. Shacklett, May 1985 3






2.   Conscious Acts of Creation:  The Emergence of A New Physics by William A. Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University




Psychic Astrology

WikiImages / Pixabay

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a very ancient science that is present in every culture. This science takes into account planets and constellations that are in the sky at the time and place of your birth. These planets and constellations play an important role in forming your personality and influence your life to a large degree. Predictions are also made based on the movements of these planets through certain aspects of your astrological chart.

Astrology is present in most cultures across the world. Chinese Astrology, Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology – all are quite popular among such guidance seekers. There are precise mathematical and scientific principles which are applied to the calculations and predictions based on either of these streams predictive sciences.

Influence of Planets and Constellations

Critics do not agree that planets and constellations which are hundreds of miles away affect us. Well, it is a matter of perspective.

Scientists have already agreed that the Moon plays a vital role in the formation of the tides in the oceans and seas. More than 70% of the earth is covered by water. And more than 70% of a human body is composed of water. Imagine the influences that can be at play here.

The sun also plays a vital role, scientifically speaking, on the various aspects of life on our planet. Day and night are controlled by the movement of the earth around the sun. Together, the sun and the moon control several factors that affect the weather patterns on earth.

Both of them are several miles away from the earth. And yet, the earth and several other planets revolve and rotate around the sun and orbit around it. One can safely say that these planets do play an influential role on things and events around us.

Sun Signs, Moon Signs and Ascendant signs

There are two manners of looking at signs in astrology.

The position of the sun in a particular sign at the time of your birth, determines your sun sign. The derivation of this sign is a very simple process. You can find your sun sign based on your date of birth. Often, every newspaper will carry an astrological forecast based on these sun signs. This is also known as a horoscope.

The position of the moon in a particular sign at the time of your birth, determines your moon sign. Many factors have to be considered while determining this. Your place of birth and the precise time of your birth are factors that are added into this computation, to derive your moon sign. This type of chart is very complicated compared the relatively easy method for sun signs.

Your ascendant sign is the one that is in your First House, while computing your natal chart for deriving your moon sign. The ascendant sign determines your outward personality -i.e. – how others think you are, and your most prominent personality type.

For the sake of simplicity, we shall be looking at sun signs for the purpose of this article.

Astrological Signs and their Elements

Each astrological sign corresponds to one of the four elements. The four elements are Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Based on this, the twelve signs of astrology are divided amongst these elements.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are Fire signs. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are Air signs. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are Water signs. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are Earth signs.

Each element imparts a certain behavioral aspect to each sun signs. Fire makes people passionate, creative, energetic and aggressive. Air makes people think, have ideas, and dream. Water makes people emotional, moody, intuitive and creative. Earth makes people more practical, down-to-earth, materialistic and sensible.

Interaction between the Elements

An individual’s personality is dominated by these elements. So, when two people meet, the elements governing their signs interact with each other too. It is fun to see how these elements behave with each other. This computation is based on common sense.

Just as an example: Air feeds Fire. Air flows over Water. Air blows the Earth. Air and Air will be too windy. Water douses Fire. Earth douses Fire too. Water and Water will be too emotional. Fire and Fire is all passion. Earth and Earth is a too stable combination, and can be boring. This is the combination which can be formed between the elements. It makes for an interesting observation to see the elements combining.

We can also see such a combination for a single person, when we consider their sun sign, the moon sign and their ascendant sign.


It has been seen that the planets, the signs and the elements do make an interesting combination with which one can derive the personality traits of a person. The compatibility of two people based on these factors can be observed, by simply seeing people around you interact with each other.

That is not to say that each fire person will be alike. A lot of permutations and combinations are formed with the additional inputs from their moon signs, and ascendants and the position of the other planets in their chart.

Does this mean, that if two Earth people, say, come together, they will be bored with each other all the time? Well, that may or may not be the case as every person’s individual maturity and understanding also play a key part in the workability of a relationship. The Elements and the signs, however, do help you gain a deeper understanding of the basic, instinctive natures of the individuals concerned.

Look around you, and you will see all the elements and their combinations moving about in all their glory. Observe and you will notice a trend. It is a compelling analysis that will surely help you get along with someone much better than before.
By Madhavi Ghare
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