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DNA Storage: It is a Preparation for Space Age or Extreme BioTechnology

microbiology-163470_640Technology as taken a great leap as the years pass. In the past ten years, technology has taken a huge leap much bigger than it has had over the past fifty years before that. Phones have gone to really really small to really really big. Technology giants such as Google has developed glasses that works like a computer. They even made contact lenses that can take pictures. There are so many great inventions made recently. One of the best inventions so far is the creation of artificial DNA as a form of data storage.


DNA Storage, the Cutting Edge Technology of Data Storage


Recently, a company called Technicolor, has stored one of the oldest movies into a synthetic DNA. The film was entitled A Trip to the Moon which was a 1902 movie from France. This company was able to store a million copies of the said movie in a vial filled with DNA. The vial was the same size of a bullet.

This cutting edge tech was done by turning the movie into a binary code of ones and zeroes. The binary code is then embedded into DNA molecules which in turn creates the DNA sequence. DNA storage is one the best possible ways of storage because DNA does not get obsolete. Aside from that, DNA storage allows large amounts of data to be stored in a very small space. For example, instead of needing a whole room to store books or other forms of storage, information can be stored in small boxes.

There are also other forms of minimal storage such as super small hard drives or graphene sheets, but what makes DNA storage unique is that it can be stored even in live hosts as well as not needing special temperature conditions. This means that DNA storage can survive millions of years.


How Can DNA Storage Change the Future?


DNA storage is now one of the most innovative ways to create storage. Why? Because of it’s organic characteristic. DNA and living organisms go hand in hand. What does this mean. This means that we can create DNA that can be stored in the human body or in animal bodies. This would mean that personal data can be stored right in your blood.

Imagine not needing to have print out documents or save them in external storages because they can be kept right in your DNA. Imagine the world’s knowledge all captured in a space as small as heart or a brain?

Now what if this DNA data can be interpreted by our human mind? What if our brain can understand data from the core of the DNA instead of relying on other methods of learning knowledge? The possibilities are endless.


DNA Storage and Moving to Another Planet


Recently, NASA has discovered a planet very similar to planet Earth, Kepler-452b. Kepler-452b is a planet about 1,400 light years away from earth. Even with teleportation, traveling or moving to such a planet could mean minimal amounts of space in a spaceship that can ever visit this planet. In this sense, using micotechnology to provide needed data is essential if humans plan to move to another planet.

The thought of moving to another viable planet has long been the topic of many controversies and been thought of by many scientists. Our planet is now on the decline. Earth is becoming hotter and hotter. Severe storms have been becoming more frequent than before. The ocean’s level is rising, which may lead to the sinking of some low lying countries and islands. Our ozone layer has a hole as big as Canada and the pollution keeps on increasing.

All these reasons may lead to the search for planet where humans can move to in the future. Once humans move, scientists would like to provide a life similar to earth; thus a good source of information and storage is needed.

Through DNA storage, scientists can move future human colonies mapped from DNA sequences of humans instead of putting humans in cryogenesis for so long awaiting to move to the new planet. This technology would also allow the new humans to recall life in Earth. They can know about history, literature, art and sciences from Earth through the microstorage found on DNA Data.


Extreme BioTechnology


dna-163466_640Of course not all technology is accepted by people. Skeptics and conservatives would always look back into old prophecies and thoughts about the apocalypse and humans tampering with DNA; the very core of our being.

One of the prophecies states that the people of the damned ones will branded. Many interpret DNA coding as a step towards this particular branding. Passports will be obsolete because identities will now be encoded into your very own blood. Cardless transactions will be made because all your financial information will now be encrypted just by using a retinal scan or a finger print or even a drop of blood or saliva. Many people think this will more convenient, but others view this as extreme biotechnology.

Many fear that humans will no longer have individuality, but rather would not be just a series of ones and zeroes forming a binary code of a DNA. Others also fear this because this may challenge what they know about religion and faith. People can now be replicated by using their DNA. This can also allow people to save their memories into their DNA and once they die, they can live once more as the same person through data retrieval.


DNA Storage is Safe


For now we can rest well and worry less about DNA data storage. Through DNA storage, hacking can be resolved all together. We an live more conveniently. With this technology, we can pass on our knowledge and thoughts to future generations. The fears regarding this technology are unverified thoughts. The value of this invention outweighs all the doubts people have about it.

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