CLUES...We should be looking at.

Report quickly pieced together (somewhat) by JASON



     Something is really happening.   Changes are happening on and within this Planet.

 An immense transformation of Earth's environment is taking place. 

 The cells of our body (little transceivers) are also affected by these Energies coming from Space and from Inside the Earth.  

   We need to watch Gamma-ray Bursts coming from Space.     Gamma-ray Burst Real-time Sky Map:   Like the one on DEC. 28th, 2004 (GRB 041228A) coming from near the GC (Galactic Center), of the Milky Way Galaxy.  In just a few seconds a gamma-ray burst can pour out more radiation than anything else in the Cosmos.   Some people believe that the "Gravity Wave", that arrived BEFORE the Gamma-ray Burst was detected, "triggered" a Major Earthquake and Asian Tsunami on Earth.

Did a Neutron Star Explosion from across the Milky Way Galaxy cause the Asian Tsunami?
Nine (9) Alternative Frames of Analysis :

******************Please read the following article :

Gamma Ray Bursts, Gravity Waves, and Earthquakes :

******OPPS...More Gamma Ray Bursts

Gamma Ray Burst ID = GRB 050326A

March 26th, 2005    BURST TIME.... 12:56:04 UTC

NOTE : March 28th, 2005....8.7 Quake  NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA

 The U.S. Geological Survey said the March 28th, 2005 tumbler hit at 11:09 p.m.

 Sumatra time (magnitude-8.7 earthquake ) was among the 10 most powerful quakes recorded since 1900.  But, was not as big as the quake in DEC. 2004.

***** Has the Galactic Superwave of 2012 Begun?

Galactic core explosions actually occur about every 13,000 - 26,000 years for major outbursts and more frequently for lesser events.
***********************************the Starburst Foundation :

  "When cosmic rays from Galactic superwaves impact the Earth's atmosphere, they produce "electron cascades." Each primary cosmic ray generates millions of secondary high energy electrons. Many of these particles scatter upwards and become trapped by the Earth's magnetic field .....

Such energized radiation belts could cause global problems.  The resulting atmospheric ionization would destroy the ozone layer, and increase skin cancer rates, due to high levels of UV reaching the Earth's surface; the cosmic ray particles penetrating to ground level would significantly increase cell mutation rates. "Galactic superwaves may also produce an intense electromagnetic pulse (EMP) whenever a cosmic ray front happens to strike the Earth's atmosphere.

***************Might our SUN react to Pulses from other STARS ?  

Inside the Sun: What Triggers Major Eruptions

 Scientists don't know exactly what triggers such eruptions. They are associated with strong magnetic fields, however, and emanate from sunspots, which are cooler regions of the Sun that correspond to bottled-up magnetic energy.    "Sunspots are at the surface of the Sun, and are essentially the footprints of the magnetic field."    "Below the surface of the Sun a dynamo process is working creating magnetic field," Harra explained in an email interview. "When this becomes buoyant it can rise to the surface of the Sun, and into the atmosphere.” The plasma collided with a strong magnetic field at the surface, and the interaction triggered release of "phenomenal amounts of energy," the researchers concluded.

********Energy CASCADES :

  We need to watch CME (Coronal mass Ejection's) from the SUN.  SPACE WEATHER :

Geomagnetic Storms:  We should watch for significant disturbances in Earth's magnetic field.  The "K index" measures the deviation of the most disturbed horizontal component of the magnetic field.   Relationship between Kp and the Aurora :   The aurora is understood to be caused by the interaction of high energy particles (usually electrons) with neutral atoms in the earth's upper atmosphere. These high energy particles can ‘excite’ (by collisions) valence electrons that are bound to the neutral atom. The ‘excited’ electron can then ‘de-excite’ and return back to its initial, lower energy state, but in the process it releases a photon (a light particle). The combined effect of many photons being released from many atoms results in the aurora display that you see. 

The K-index updated every three hours :   * K-indices of 5 or greater indicate storm-level geomagnetic activity. Geomagnetic storms have been associated with satellite surface charging and increased atmospheric drag. 

Current Space Weather Conditions :

*******The magnetization of rocks is changing....

  The Earth's Electro-Magnetic field is may be slowly reversing.  As it moves it concentrates "lines of Force" in different locations across the Planet.  This puts pressure on QUARTZ(within the Earth)...The PRESSURE produces Electricity...and this phenomenon is known as the piezoelectric effect.   * Conversely, an applied electric field can cause a piezoelectric material to change dimensions (grow larger). This phenomenon is known as electrostriction. Incoming magnetic waves spin electrons sideways producing useful electrical energy. The earth's electromagnetic ambience comes from reflection, deflection, and absorption. There are four major sources providing enormous amounts of ambient background resonant wave energy: Cosmic, Galactic, Solar, and the Earth's own ambient electromagnetic background.   Also Note : An oscillating electric field makes the quartz crystal resonate at its natural frequency.

*********** The EM Field of the Earth is CHANGING !

Earth's Poles Begin Magnetic Reversal     ANTARCTICA NEWS ARCHIVES

Researchers in the British science journal Nature say the Earth is beginning a magnetic reversal.  This is because the complex flow of molten iron deep within the Earth, which maintains the planet's polarity, is reversing.

*********EARTHQUAKES produce Electrical DISCHARGES.

Underground Current Electrifies Australia

A weak electrical current wends its way for some 6000 kilometers along fracture zones in some of Australia's sedimentary basins. Located some 15-45 kilometers below the surface, the current begins at the continental shelf in Western Australia, runs southward into South Australia, and then loops northward, exiting in the Gulf of Carpentaria near Birdsville, Queensland. The current's path has a width varying between 50 and 200 kilometers. It seems to be flowing in alkaline fluids contained in the broken edges where ancient tectonic plates collided to create the continent. The current is weak and is induced by the earth's changing magnetic field. (Anonymous; "Underground Current Electrifies Australia," New Scientist, p. 10, March 10, 1991.)


Huge Underground Electrical Circuit

Huge Underground Electrical Circuit

"Geophysicists from the Department of Earth Sciences and the Bureau of Mineral Resources have discovered part of a huge underground circuit near Broken Hill (Australia), which contains electric currents of more than a million amps.

"The currents are spread too thinly for power production, but their existence helps account for problems experienced generally in interpreting the magnetic data used to produce geological maps.

"The circuit was found using a sensor which detects fluctuating electric fields in the earth's crust. These are created in response to electrical events, such as thunderstorms and the movement of dissolved salts in artesian water."

("Scientists Discover Huge Underground Circuit," Monash Review, p. 10, December 1986, Cr. R.E. Molnar, The Monash Review is an Australian publication.)

Comment. Could it be that a portion of the earth's "permanent" magnetic field is likewise generated by internal electrical currents? Are the ponderously moving internal convection cells and widely accepted dynamo effect really necessary? In other words, could our planet be a huge natural battery based upon geochemical differences?   Then...The Earth could really be HOLLOW (No need for the "iron core" Theory, anymore).

Reference. Earth-current anomalies are cataloged under EZC5 in Inner Earth.

 Book details here :

********Plasmoids...from the Inner Earth ?

Subterranean "circles"

As if we didn't have enough problems with crop circles on the earth's surface, it now seems that whatever agency (or "entity") that is responsible for them also plies its craft underground!

"Sets of concentric rings, similar to those found last summer in British wheat fields, have been discovered in a Japanese subway tunnel......

"Many sets of concentric rings were found drawn in dust that accumulated on the ground and walls inside the tube. The metro versions of the mystery circles are much smaller -- up to 8 centimeters in diameter -- than the British ones, the largest of which measures scores of meters."

Y. Otsuki, a professor of physics at Waseda University, discovered the rings and believes that plasma generated in the air creates them. Subway tunnels, he says, create conditions similar to those in the plasma generators he uses in his fireball research.

A photo of the rings accompanying the article shows six neatly-formed, concentric rings around a central crude circle. (Anonymous; "'Mystery Circle' Found in Tunnel," Asahi Evening News (Tokyo), April 5, 1991. Cr. Y. Matsumura via L. Farish)

Speculations. Apparently, plasmoids can be of any size: crop circles may be 100 feet in diameter of just a foot or two, and now we may have centimeter-sized expressions of plasmoid activity in the unexpected locale of the subway tunnel!

Building upon these observations, it is not unreasonable to ask whether plasmoids (including plasma vortices) may not exist on larger scales, say, astronomical and geological. We are drawn to those strange swirl markings on the moon. These loop-like patterns are 1050 kilometers in size and are associated with strong magnetic anomalies. (See ALE5 in The Moon and the Planets.) And right here on earth we have the devastation of the Tunguska Event sans a gaping crater. And how about the shallow Carolina Bays, some of which are associated with magnetic anomalies? Could such phenomena be the handiwork of plasmoids rather than meteorites or comets? Plasmoids could also be involved in such phenomena as ball lightning, the cookie-cutter holes, and even spontaneous human combustion!

From Science Frontiers #76, JUL-AUG 1991. © 1991-2000 William R. Corliss

***********Does the Earth have a Central SUN ?

Dynamo theory proposes a mechanism by which a celestial body such as the earth generates a magnetic field.

This results in the creation of electric currents as well as a magnetic field. Similar magnetic fields are present in many celestial bodies including most stars such as the sun and active galactic nuclei.  Magnetic fields can be generated by the motions of conducting fluids.

The Earth could be HOLLOW. The hollow earth would require a new theory of geomagnetism.  Many stars, planets and galaxies possess magnetic fields whose origins are not easily explained. Even the ``solid'' planets could not possibly be sufficiently ferromagnetic to account for their magnetism, since the bulk of their interiors are above the Curie temperature at which permanent magnetism disappears. It goes without saying that stars and galaxies cannot be ferromagnetic at all.

  The Inner Earth sun creates a north/south magnetic field ?
Our outer Sun seems to have a north & south pole.

SEE psychoceramics: Hollow Planets  :

*******The LIGHT within You

The Mysteries of Clear Light :  The meaning of the term "Clear Light" could have been expressed almost as well by using words more familiar to the reader such as "universal consciousness", "zero point energy", "virtual or potential reality", "Prana", "universal wisdom" and many others.   You might experience it as a feeling... accelerated at the cellular level as though a continuous stream of energy had enveloped, cleansed and renewed you.  Though crystal clear, the light can, under certain stimuli, take on colours or become cloudy.

Your D.N.A Connection------ Written indelibly not only in your consciousness but also in the crystalline lattice of the guanini of you DNA and encased in the nucleus of every cell of your bodies, is the record which the Creator....uses to evolve.

 Land of Cymry, Heart of Earth...Under the surface of the globe, there has always been a grid of electro-magnetic lines called ley lines much as a network of nerves runes through your body. The two civilizations, which many among you thought to be legends, were able to trace these lines of force and depended on them in ways....Their interplanetary ships made use of the existing power-grid to travel between continents, while enormous crystals connected various areas of Earth through that same network like natural radiophones. The importance of the British Isles lies in their location; they are at the pivotal crossroads of the ley line for the Northern Hemisphere since the Earth's electro-magnetic fields intersect at that point.    

The neighborhood of your Day Star will intersect the path of a type of energy.... the vibration of all sub-atomic particles will be increased.... Indeed, every particle, wave and field existing within the gravitational envelope that surrounds your star system, will have its vibrational frequency re-adjusted to a much higher range...

*********Resonance Energy Concept . . .

The Solar System, is alive with energy from the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and that energy is far greater than the light produced by our sun.  

 All electromagnetic energy harvesting methods include three things: a catalyst, a collector, and a pump. Catalysts include sensitization through doping with certain elements, as well as air and earth grounding. Collectors include temporary storage, as in capacitors, coils, and transformers. The pump system includes induced movement onward to a point of use.

  The Ancients (and modern sources) developed various Systems and Devices to tap into and modify already existing Natural Energies.  

Etheric Healing Tool (Solar Vajra ) : Each form is handcrafted by western Buddhist monks and nuns.

************ PYRAMIDS,  MOUNDS, Alignments on Energy Lines, etc.

The Schumann Resonances are quasi-standing electromagnetic waves that exist in the Earth's 'electromagnetic' cavity (the space between the surface of the Earth and the Ionosphere). Like waves on a string, they are not present all the time, but have to be 'excited' to be observed.  They occur at several frequencies, specifically 7.8 (strongest), 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 (weakest) Hertz, with a daily variation of about ± 0.5 Hertz.  Presumably there is some change due to the solar sunspot cycle as the Earth's ionosphere changes in response to solar activity.

********** The EARTH Electric...Destructive electrical discharges.

The classes or categories of effects brought about by the Earth's current stage of reorganization are very diverse. Most often, however, they tend to the transient high-energy type of event.  There are nine types of "significant catastrophes" : Earthquakes ; Hurricanes ; Flooding ; Drought ; Frost ; Landslides ; Epidemics and Starvation.

********** The OPHIDIAN CURRENT, from the Galactic Center.

  There are those who believe a SURGE of Energy (Gamma Ray Burst, etc.) will come from the
GATEWAY, near the Galactic Center, in 2012.   In our SUN the PULSE will be received and RERADIATED.   On Earth the PULSE is received and reradiated.

* QUARTZ "Vibrates" to the Frequency.
    At certain points on Earth there are large natural Quartz, Magnetite and GOLD Deposits.
The VIBE, coming in 2012, will stimulate the Kundalini serpent (that is psycho-physical energy system). This will stimulate the chakras (wheels) or energy vortices of the body (depicted as various lotuses). 

The SERPENT FIRE comes to Earth,
it stimulates human "Energy Centers" and TRANSFORMS the Planet. 
OphiR = the Serpent Energy
* PHI is the VIBE (cps = Hertz)
"OR" = Latin for GOLD
The GC PULSE sends the DATA Energy Stream which vibrates the Quartz/Gold/Magnetite. 

 There are various NODES (Nexus Points) around the Earth.  The ancient city of ON (ZON), in Egypt ; Peru ; an island near Panama; the ancient city of Ur ; the secret location of El Dorado ; Etc.

   One location of a NODE Quartz/Gold deposit is ....MARIPOSA County
(Centered in MIDPINES,  just outside of the City of MARIPOSA).

************* Quake hits GOLD MINE

5.0  2005/03/09 10:15:33 -26.913   26.664  15.0  SOUTH AFRICA

The Australian Newspaper, The Herald Sun says,

 "An earthquake measuring about 5.0 on the Richter scale

hit a gold mining area of South Africa, injuring dozens
of people and trapping 42 miners as tunnels collapsed deep underground. The
quake, which jolted buildings as far away as Johannesburg, injured 23 miners
at DRDGOLD's North West mines, and others in Stilfontein. There is quite
serious damage ..."



  All these can be found together.  The Ancients used them. 

Some say the gods/aliens enslaved the human race because of a desire for gold.  Some say, a race of Inner Earth Reptilian Humanoids (REPTOIDS) disrupted this mining (and gardening) operation.  

   Then there are "Rumors" of a secret substance that "oozes from quartz-gold". 

********Alchemy.....Ancient cultures of the past consumed gold as an elixir.

The pure frequency of gold removes blockages, both etheric and physical. When etheric blockages are removed, higher states of consciousness is often experienced because these blockages were interfering with the natural flow of energy throughout the body. When our energy centers are vibrating without interference, Universal Light energy enters our body and we experience life from a higher perspective and a more balanced reality.  Quote from


MAGNETITE and GOLD have the same basic Crystal OCTAHEDRON.

Gold Grows...most people are not aware of that.   Crystals are very organized structures and are also converters or transducers of Energy.    Large deposits of magnetite concentrate the earth's magnetic fields into a circular shape and the shape effect in turn sets up a magnetic spiral vortex.     In areas (like Midpines, CA) where you have a massive Quartz/Gold/Magnetite Matrix (going deep into the ground), alone with Underground water, which is activated with this magnetic energy, we have massive IONIC and electrical currents.   This then becomes another point or means of energy transfer to the water because both the magnetite and the clustered water have the same basic structure or geometric energy resonance.

  Several Years ago, a rare MEGA lightning bolt hit near Midpines, Calif.   It was "Positive lightning" which makes up less than 5% of all lightning. Positive lightning carries a positive charge to the ground.  Positive lightning bolts are typically six to ten times more powerful than negative bolts, last around ten times longer, and can strike several miles distant from the clouds. During a positive lighting strike, huge quantities of ELF and VLF radio waves are generated.

  Gigantic IONIC "Vortex Energy" can send PULSES into Space "from" Earth.

************ Terrestrial gamma ray flashes (TGFs).

Things on Earth ARE affected by GRBs from Space...And the Earth responds by sending GRBs into SPACE, too.

TGFs are very short blasts of gamma rays, lasting about one millisecond, emitted into space from Earth's upper atmosphere.

The American space organization NASA has further said that their satellites are observing 'Mysterious Earth Energy' in the upper reaches of the earth’s atmosphere relating to these unknown blasts, and as reported by NASA in their press release of February 22nd titled, "NASA Satellite Observes Mysterious Earth Energy", and which says, "This is a very interesting process involving extreme physics right here on Earth. If we can understand the process here, it might give us insights into similar processes in less accessible parts of the universe," said David Smith, an assistant professor of physics at UCSC and first author of the paper. "The energies we see are as high as those of gamma rays emitted from black holes and neutron stars."

***************Earth's EM Field is DISRUPTED.  

Earth's magnetic field - the force that protects us from deadly radiation bursts from outer space - is weakening dramatically.  The effects could be catastrophic. Powerful radiation bursts, which normally never touch the atmosphere, would heat up its upper layers, triggering climatic disruption. 

The last supervolcano to erupt was Toba 72,000 years ago in Sumatra. Ten thousands times bigger than Mt St Helens, it created a global catastrophe dramatically affecting life on Earth. Scientists know that another one is due - they just don't know when….But, Major Earthquakes continue near TOBA, it could trigger a Major Eruption.

A new hypothesis about recent human evolution suggests that a horrific "volcanic winter" about 72,000 years ago, followed by the coldest 1,000 years of the last Ice Age, brought widespread famine and death to modern human populations around the world. The abrupt "bottleneck," or decrease, in our ancestors' populations, in turn, brought about the rapid "differentiation" - or genetic divergence - of the surviving populations.
The hypothesis, offered by anthropologist Stanley Ambrose of the University of Illinois, proposes that a volcanic winter reduced populations to "levels low enough for evolutionary changes, which occur much faster in small populations, to produce rapid population differentiation"
Ambrose has linked geneticists' research to that of volcanologists Michael Rampino, Stephen Self, Greg Zielinski and colleagues, which shows the super-eruption of Toba caused a volcanic winter that lasted six years and significantly altered global climate for the next 1,000 years. Those six years of "relentless volcanic winter" led to substantial lowering of global temperatures, drought and famine, and to a global human population crash during which, if geneticists are correct, no more than 15,000 to 40,000 people survived.

  Could a Gamma-Ray Burst trigger changes in the SUN and EARTH ?  Putting STRESS on the Planet (Earthquakes, etc.) that triggers a SUPERVOLCANIC EVENT ?

**************Gamma Ray Bursts

Mysterious bursts....

    In the fireball model for gamma-ray bursts, the rapid variability of the source leads to the formation of internal shocks due to the collision of relativistic cold electron-positron/ion shells.


         Gamma Ray Bursts may be formed by CannonBall pulses of Accreting Matter in SuperNova explosions.

"Cannonballs" of plasma...super ION BALLS.   EARTH is getting hit with IONIC Energy.

 * Gamma Rays may be related to Thunderstorms, Jets, Sprites, and Elves

BATSE has detected 12 gamma-ray flashes from earth. For 7 of them, concurrent weather images were obtained, and all 7 seem to be related to thunderstorms (Sky and Telescope, Jan 95, p. 14, and Fishman et. al., Science (27 May 94) 1250, 1313).

Some thunderstorms extend to 10 miles altitude, and have

blue jets at altitudes from 10 to 30 miles,

red sprites at altitudes from 30 to 60 miles,

and circular elves at altitudes from 60 to 70 miles,

Earth is launching Gamma Ray Bursts INTO SPACE !


In a web article for Scientific American Explorations, W. Wayt Gibbs in San Francisco writes:

"The ancients imagined thunderstorms and lightning to be evidence of titanic war among the gods in the sky above. ... one can indeed find wonders: ... exotic stabs of illumination called sprites and elves. ...

... it wasn't until 1994 that a team out of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, circling around midwestern thunderstorms in a jet aircraft, obtained the first color images of sprites. These snapshots show that sprites are colorful (usually red), quite enormous and often surprisingly delicate in form. Some sprites stretch upward 95 kilometers (58 miles) from the cloudtops. They always seem to appear just as a lightning bolt--usually an especially fierce one--strikes down toward earth, and they almost always appear in groups.

Investigators now think sprites probably occur when an unusually potent stroke of lightning creates an intense electrostatic field above the cloud from which it emanates. Ions (electrically charged atoms) and electrons floating about the atmosphere are heated by this field and glow red in response, scientists speculate. ...

When researchers pointed their cameras to pick up sprites, they were surprised to discover that other bizarre light shows also illuminate the high altitudes. Vast blue jets, rising from clouds at 300 times the speed of sound in air, form cones of light that stand 40 kilometers tall. ...

Blue jets may be formed when such conditions happen to occur just as a cosmic ray (an extremely fast moving particle kicked out of a supernova or some other energetic cosmic event) collides with an air molecule in that region. The collision produces a shower of fast electrons; the upward-pointing electrostatic field above the cloud can accelerate these electrons further, to energies at which they emit blue light. ...

... a group of Stanford University researchers, led by Umran Inan of Stanford University, reported at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco that they had clocked yet another form of stratospheric lightning, one that, paradoxical though it may seem, propagates faster than the speed of light. These halos of red light, dubbed elves, were first conclusively recorded by Japanese scientists in 1995. But little was known about their structure and movement until Inan's group imaged the phenomenon with The Fly's Eye--a custom-built instrument that chains together 12 highly sensitive photodetectors, each in its own 45-centimeter (18-inch) barrel and each pointing to a different part of the sky.

The Stanford researchers managed to get a good look at 10 elves. All started just above a groundstroke of normal lightning but expanded into rings up to 300 kilometers (200 miles) across in less than a thousandth of a second. Although the elves appear to spread faster than light, analysis of the physics behind elves demonstrates that no particles actually move that fast, so Einsteinian relativity is not violated. The faster-than-light illusion seems to be caused by successively distant air molecules lighting up in rapid-fire sequence, like the strobe lights running along an airport runway.

Inan and Yuri Taranenko of Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed mathematical models which they think may explain what causes elves. According to their simulation, the key is the electromagnetic pulse produced by lightning strokes. This pulse expands like a balloon, upward and away from the groundstroke. If the pulse is strong enough, the theory goes, it energizes the ions and free electrons at the border between the stratosphere and ionosphere enough to make the charged particles shine red.

So, although the electromagnetic pulse expands at exactly the speed of light, Inan explains, the ring of shining particles formed at the lower edge of the ionosphere grows faster--just as a balloon released underwater will, as it breaks the surface, create a ripple that moves much faster outward than the rate at which the balloon rises upward. Zeus himself might be impressed.".


According to an article by Nicola Jones on page 18 of the 8 February 2003 issue of the New Scientist:

"... Just before a flash of lightning ... a huge blast of X-rays or other high-energy particles is released.

Some GRBs may be LOCAL: . If GRBs are local CETI phenomena they could be for communication with other stars in our Galaxy.  Some GRBs could be Communication by Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences using gamma-ray laser signals focused by THE SUN AS A GRAVITATIONAL LENS: The focal length of the sun as a gravitational lens is about 540 AU, or 18 times Neptune's orbit radius. Any beam of electromagnetic radiation (whether light, radio waves, or gamma rays) hitting the sun from about 540 AU or farther out is focused by the sun's gravitational field into a beam that could be used for communication.


Gamma rays are radiation of high energy, from about 10^(5)
electronvolts to more than 10^(14) electronvolts -- radiation
with the shortest wavelengths and highest frequencies, the gamma
ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum merging into the
adjacent lower energy x-ray region. Gamma ray bursts are intense
flashes of gamma rays detected at energies up to 10^(6) electron
volts. They were discovered by US Air Force satellites in the
1960s but not declassified until 1973.

   Current models assume that gamma-ray bursts are
associated with compact objects that expel matter at highly
*relativistic velocities. As the expanding shell (often called a
"fireball") sweeps up material from the ambient environment, it
loses energy and radiates at longer wavelengths.

*****************Planet's Resources 2/3'rds Used Up,3604,1447863,00.html

  Hmmmm    Maybe that is why the Government isn't warning people or telling them how to protect themselves from EVENTS soon to happen.    They are just building THEIR Underground Cities (for the Elite), as fast as Possible.


Can you blame them ?

   Well...They are using your Tax money to do it.

* You do know about "COG" and the "JEEP" Program....right ?

     Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan (JEEP)

Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Continuity of Government (COG)
  * The plan is called "Continuity of Government" or COG. The article stated that COG is the government's ultimate insurance policy...

  The U.S. Air Force sponsored research in deep underground construction as early as 1958. The RAND corporation carried out this research, and published proceedings from symposiums held on the subject of construction methods and equipment.


Time to PAUSE...PREPARE and Make plans for the Future.


 Let's review a few things :

Scientists fear Sumatra supervolcano may blow !

Toba is located near the Sumatra Fracture Zone (SFZ).

The last eruption of a super volcano was in Toba (Sumatra) 73,000 years ago.
   The world's population of homo sapiens decreased from over one hundred thousand to less than two thousand, basically because global temperatures dropped five degrees for many years.  This period in the study of human genetics, is called The Bottleneck. See :

Distinctive warm and cold periods called "Oxygen Isotope Stages" (OIS) have been established with the method. Those relevant to our subject are listed here:

OIS 1 - 12,000 years ago until today (warm)
OIS 2 - 45,000 to 12,000 years ago (cold)
OIS 3 - 63,000 to 45,000 years ago (warm)
OIS 4 - 73,000 to 63,000 years ago (cold)

The climatic effects caused by the Toba YTT event show up far more strongly in the northern hemisphere.


Shaky fault line raises the threat of a super-volcano
Leigh Dayton, Science writer
April 2005,5744,12717924^30417,00.html

AS if earthquake-ravaged Indonesia doesn't have enough to worry about, now
scientists warn that a Sumatran super-volcano might blow its top at any time.

If it does, the blast will toss hundreds of thousands of cubic kilometers of rock and ash into the atmosphere, dwarfing the eruptions of Krakatoa, Mount St Helens, Pinatubo and any conventional volcanic explosion of the past tens of thousands of years.

"These super-volcanoes are potentially the greatest hazard on Earth, the only greater threat being an asteroid impact from space," said Ray Cas, a vulcanologist with Monash University in Melbourne.

Professor Cas said a "major tectonic event" could be enough to trigger a deadly super-volcanic eruption.

The likelihood that the Toba – the largest super-volcano on Earth – will erupt has increased significantly due to geological stresses generated by the recent quakes.

Worse, Toba sits directly atop the fault line running down the spine of Sumatra. That is where seismologists say a third quake might strike.

Because of the increased risk, Professor Cas called for increased monitoring of Toba.

"With enough precursor information and signals like gas releases, we (could) warn of a significant eruption in days, weeks or months," he said.

Professor Cas's call follows a report early this month to the British Government's Natural Hazard Working Group by the Geological Society of London. The report called for increased awareness of the risks posed by super-volcanoes and development of mitigation strategies.

Vulcanologist Stephen Self of Britain's Open University said a super-volcanic eruption might cover an entire continent with ash that could take decades to erode.

"(Such an eruption) could result in the devastation of world agriculture, severe disruption of food supplies and mass starvation," he told the online journal LiveScience.

Professor Cas said super-volcanoes tended to erupt in 2000-year cycles. The Toba super-volcano last erupted 72,000 years ago.

 © The Australian


Their is substantial evidence to show that IF the super volcano Toba erupts in the Indonesian Pacific, the world's population of homo sapiens may decrease by over 70%.


Why is there a giant lake - 100km long and 30 km wide - in the middle of the Indonesia island of Sumatra?   Toba was apparently a huge volcano!   If as predicted, the next Mega Quake is located there, the water could flow into the opened fault, go down and hit the volcanic material below, convert to steam and EXPLODE !     Very few plants, animals or humans around this part of the world will survive.

   There have been no historic eruptions of Toba, but large earthquakes have occurred, the most recent in 1987 along the southern shore of the lake.   There are active solfataras on the north side of the volcano.    The area is seismically active with major earthquakes in 1892, 1916, 1920-1922, and 1987.


Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia

Watch Dates for Toba...between now and May of 2005. 


* Could a TOBA Volcanic Event "trigger" massive rains?  A FLOOD !

   All the Volcanic dust particles in the sky, will collect moisture and may cause 40 days of Rain....creating a massive world wide FLOOD.     

* History repeats at different times in different scales there is an early echo, a pre-play, of the MAIN event.

Could we get a Pre-Event, before the 2012 Event ?

SIDE NOTE : Standard scientific dating says that many physical processes work with exponential, or logarithmic decays, instead of linear decays across time.


The epicenter of the December 26, 2004, quake off Sumatra was very close to the location of volcanic Mount Toba, now Lake Toba, inland, on the island of Sumatra.

More evidence pointing at Toba as the center of the action came in the past few days. Mariners traveling the Malacca Straits between Indonesia and Malaysia report that there was an uplift of nearly 4000 feet in the bottom of one portion of the straits. This may have been what caused the large water displacement in certain areas.  The US Navy has sent two ships to begin efforts to re-chart the water ASAP !

Using the 9.0 epicenter as the other end of a line, this location roughly forms a straddle across the Toba caldera. Read more about Malacca here 

Kuala Lumpur, Jan. 12. (PTI): The northern section of one of the world's busiest shipping channels, the Straits of Malacca, may have had its draught altered by several meters in the aftermath of the December 26 sub-sea earthquake, according to reports.

Toba is not a normal volcano. It is classified as a super volcano, and there are only a few such volcanoes known on the earth. Probably the best known super volcano is at Yellowstone Park in North America

Super volcanoes erupt very rarely, but when they do erupt, they can eject as much as 10,000 times more material than Mount St. Helens did in 1980.

Super volcanoes are strange in another way. They don't have cone shaped tops. They eject so much material in such an explosive way that they don't ever generate the familiar cone.  Genesis 7:4 ....and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living thing that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the ground.


The best interpretations of the Bible's Noah Flood account suggest that the water that caused the flood came from the oceans themselves. It was the water from the deep, the oceans that came up across the land. It was a tsunami of such proportions that all land everywhere was wiped by it.

To get that to happen uniformly across the planet would require a wobble of the planet on its axis. Consider that the 9.0 quake that spawned this tsunami caused the earth to wobble slightly. Imagine if 3000 Mount St. Helens, or 1000 Mount Pinatubos erupted at once?  This size of volcanic eruption could very well have caused the planetary wobble needed to account for Noah's sloshing oceans. It does not yet appear to be something the scientists have considered as a consequence.

Read more on the earth's wobble from the December 26, 2004, quake, here.

NASA Reports : The Dec. 26th Indonesian mega thrust earthquake quickened Earth's rotation and changed our planet's shape.

According to their latest calculations, the Dec. 26th earthquake shifted Earth's "mean North Pole" in the direction of 145 degrees east longitude, more or less toward Guam in the Pacific Ocean. This shift is continuing a long-term seismic trend identified in previous studies.   The quake also affected Earth's shape.  This continues the trend of earthquakes making Earth less oblate. Less oblate means more round.


ECTV/Breaking News - New Kp Index Spike; Will Earthquake/Volcano Follow?

April 4th 2005
Kp Index Spike; Will Earthquake/Volcano Follow?
Excerpt follows :

Dr. Stefaan Poedts: ESA (European Space Agency) Lead Scientist on plasma
astrophysics is one of the top scientists in the world in the area of
galactic waves. His research is situated in the field of computational and
nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamics  with applications in 'solar astrophysics'.
He is particularly interested in MHD (magnetic hydro dynamics) wave dynamics
(generation, propagation, and dissipation) of coronal loops, coronal holes,
galactic and extra-galactic jets, and galactic and accretion disks and in
the nonlinear dynamics of Coronal Mass Ejections and super-fast magnetized
flows around comets, moons, and planets and the MHD shock interactions in
such flows (related to space weather and earth science).

As you heard 'live' in my interview on the ECTV 'Radio Hour', Dr. Poedts
supports my premise of a possible connection between a 'spike' in the Kp
Index and its possible correlation to seismic or volcanic activity. He goes
further in suggesting it could be some sort of cosmic influence interaction
with the Earth's core.

Now lets take a look at it from a more 'esoteric' or metaphysical

Mahala, one of our contributing editors we host on our "Earth Astrology"
page said the following:

"The energies have been really different since the tsunami last December.
Could this change in energy have to do with the gamma ray burst that
happened just 44.6 hours after the tsunami? This gamma ray burst was 100
times more intense than any burst that had been previously recorded,
equaling the brightness of the full Moon. This burst originated from
SGR1806-2 which is a neutron star and is located about 10 degrees northeast
of the Galactic center and about 45,000 light years from us. In Paul
LaViolette's book titled Earth Under Fire he presents evidence that a strong
gravity wave might be expected to travel forward in front of a galactic
superwave and would be the first to arrive here. He points out that such
gravity waves could induce substantial tidal forces on Earth during their
passage that could induce earthquakes and cause polar axis torquing effects.
Isn't that exactly what happened on December 26, 2004? There could als! o
have been other events associated with that quake.

We are still reeling from the effects of that Gamma Ray Burst. That burst
hit the moon first, and then it bounced off and hit the Earth's ionosphere,
which caused it to light up. This burst was very high frequency energy and
the Earth is still shaking and quaking from it. On December 26, there were
17 major 6 and 7 point earthquakes recorded. By December 27, about 30 quakes
were recorded, not only in the Sumatra area, but all over the world, and
it's still quaking.

When something that dramatic hits our ionosphere, it also affects us
personally and we move into high-speed transformation. How did this energy
affect you? Are you an empath who feels everything that goes on in the
world? Empaths came in with their heart chakra open, and tend to work
through the second chakra which connects to the emotional body. Now it's
time to work through the heart and the solar plexus chakra so you can
manifest your power instead of taking on everyone else's problems."

Mahala's email:

Subscribe To ECTV Full Access:

Survival Tips:

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV


Hopi Elders delivery final prophecy warning

  Warning of the impending apocalypse.....

the Creator made the first world in perfect balance,

but humans turned away from moral and spiritual

principles and only a handful survived the earthquakes. 
   The mistakes were repeated in the second world, and freezing in the great ice age destroyed the people. The third world lasted a long time and, as in the previous worlds, the people spoke one language. They invented technologies still unknown to modern man, but eventually turned away from natural laws and pursued material things.

''They gradually turned away from natural laws, pursued only material things, and finally only gambled while they ridiculed spiritual principles. No one stopped them from this course, and the world was destroyed by the great flood that many nations still recall in their ancient history and religious teachings.

''The elders said again only small groups escaped and came to this fourth world where we now live.

...the great purification will come to destroy this world just as the previous worlds were destroyed.''
   The only people that SURVIVED were.....UNDERGROUND, in certain locations.


Hmmmm ….Here is more from Jason on April 22nd (Earth Day) ,2005


"Putting more of the CLUES Together"

 Compiled by JASON from various sources.

"Strange Days on Planet Earth"

    The bigger picture of what is going on with various planetary changes (and how they are all connected) was shown on the PBS program (hosted by Edward Norton) called National Geographic's STRANGE DAYS on PLANET EARTH.......It premiered on PBS April 20th, 2005 (episode 1: Invaders, episode 2: The One Degree Factor) and April 27th (episode 3: Predators, episode 4: Troubled Waters).  Check Local Listings.

    It starts off with Alien Species of Plants and Animals Invading various locations around the Earth.  These interlopers, called invasive species, have enormous powers — they spread disease, they devour our buildings.      Then the program that shows that changes in ocean currents and wind patterns are connected to "heat pulses" currently being generated Under the Indian Ocean.  Things are warming up and Climate Change is real.

   Dust clouds are building high over the Atlantic. An entire population of caribou is declining, while other species are pushed to the limits of their physical survival in the oceans. A respiratory illness, once uncommon among children in Trinidad, is now widespread. Amazingly, many scientists now believe these disparate phenomena may be linked to global climate change.     Frogs are vanishing in America’s heartland. Canadian beluga whales are mysteriously dying in the Saint Lawrence River. Has water become a massive delivery system for toxins?


Around the globe, scientists are racing to solve a series of mysteries.  Unsettling transformations are sweeping across the planet, and clue by clue, investigators around the world are assembling a new picture of Earth, discovering ways that seemingly disparate events are connected.  Scientists suspect we have entered a time of global change swifter than any human being has ever witnessed. Where are we headed? What can we do to alter this course of events?     Excerpt from :

National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth is a Sea Studios Foundation Production ( ) for Vulcan Productions, Inc.( ) and National Geographic Television & Film ( )  ; WGBH Boston presents the series on PBS. 

The One Degree Factor....Regime Shifts and the Food Web
  As we Dig deeper into these topics, we learn that Every two or three decades, the region of the Pacific off the lower western United States does a major flip-flop between a positive (warm) and negative (cold) phase. * Scientists call this pattern the Pacific Decadal Oscillation.   These flip-flops are called regime shifts and they have a great effect on the oceanic food web, causing the periodic rise and fall of vast groups of oceanic life. Add global warming into the mix and some species may not be able to rebound from the next shift...

   The sobering thought is that these shifts are now taking place in the context of rising global temperature. According to marine biologist, Bill Peterson, " this cool cycle will end... and it'll go into a warm cycle, but it won't be like the warm cycle that we had the last time, because we have this global warming going on all the time." Some researchers worry that rising temperatures atop these regime shifts could drive zooplankton numbers below a threshold so that their populations may not be able to recover.

These changes in temperature and precipitation will strongly alter the climate in the USA :   

  As our climate rapidly shifts, so too do the behaviors and rhythms of animals and plants.

The Great Ocean Conveyor Belt and Impact on the Gulf Stream Due to Climate Change

Recently, the effect of global climate change on the Gulf Stream and the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt has been a hot topic of discussion and even made it to the silver screen in the somewhat fanciful Hollywood blockbuster disaster flick The Day After Tomorrow. Wallace Broecker, one of the world's leading interpreters of Earth's physical systems, has shown that these great currents are responsible for distributing planetary heat. A change in these currents can cause a rapid change in climate. In fact, such an event has happened many times in the past due to natural causes. If we continue adding greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at our present rate, Broecker cautions that for the first time in history a living species could serve as the major catalyst to another abrupt climate shift.

 Acid Oceans in the Making :  The oceans function as an enormous carbon sink – a great repository that absorbs or sequesters carbon for long periods of time. This can be a good thing however when carbon dioxide dissolves in seawater, it forms carbonic acid. When that occurs on a global scale, the oceans can shift into a more acidic state. In fact this is already what appears to be happening — the oceans average pH has fallen .1 units to 8.1. The consequences are frightening —

     Great Ocean Conveyor Belt....SEE MAP :

The global conveyor belt thermohaline circulation is thought to be responsible for the large flow of upper ocean water from the tropical Pacific to the Indian Ocean through the Indonesian Archipelogo. The two counteracting forcings operating in the North Atlantic control the conveyor belt circulation.

Natural Vortices : Tornados; Waterspouts; Ocean Currents; the Atmospheric Vortex Engine. Also, Earth is constantly buffeted by solar winds—streaming plasma of ions beaming from sun's corona.   Transient solar events such as flares create shockwaves in solar wind. As shockwaves collide with the magnetosphere, power surges around the planet and INTO and OUT of NODES around the Planet.     Auroral storms interfere with powerlines, radio, satellites, and defense systems. They also affect the EM structure of humans, often disrupting nuerological functions.    Magnetism arises from spinning motion, and time is a circle marking cycles.

Potential impacts of climate change....SEE :  &     These changes will potentially have wide-ranging effects on the environment and socio-economic sectors.  

Side Note :  Radiatively active gases are known as greenhouse gases because they act as a partial blanket for the thermal radiation from the surface and enable it to be substantially warmer than it would otherwise be, analogous to the effect of a greenhouse. This blanketing is known as the natural greenhouse effect.   BUT...Man may not be total responsible.   Energies from Space, Our Sun and INSIDE the Planet may be involved.   Are we set for global weather changes that could effect the entire planet?

Ocean conveyor belt =The global recirculation of water masses that determines today's climate.   In 2003, there were growing indications that the North Atlantic Oscillation was failing. This current is crucial to the climate of Europe and North America.   The next ice age will begin when the ocean’s currents cease to pump warm water into polar regions and snow melt fails to take place across a series of summers. This will increase the surface reflectivity of the planet and reduce temperatures enough to cause glaciers to begin to form over wide areas.

Prior to that time, there will be a dramatic warming spike, followed by a violent change in weather. The warming spike is already well under way, and likely to cause ocean currents to stop flowing properly, possibly within years.

    Pacific central water enters the Indian Ocean through the Indonesian Seas. It then joins Indian central water to flow eastward and then southward in the subtropical gyre (Oceanic current systems of planetary scale driven by the global wind system. )    In the Indian Ocean, the Agulhas, South Indian, West Australian, and South Equatorial Currents form the only subtropical gyre.  

  The South Indian Ocean Current is a HEAT SOURCE for the atmosphere .    Heat—1. (Or heat content.) A form of energy transferred between systems, existing only in the process of transfer.   2. Same as enthalpy.   Note : Phase changes—any type of periodic motion (e.g., rotation, oscillation).

   It is thought that HEAT (from inside the Earth) in the area of "the huge earthquake that has struck off the coast of Indonesia "(December 26 ,2004) is related to world wide CLIMATE CHANGE.  *This Heat may be related to EM Field changes also.

This area is pumping (PULSING) HEAT into the rotation of the Ocean Water and atmospheric Winds.    And may trigger Global Superstorms, in the near future.

There are Gamma Ray Bursts from Space and the EARTH produces them too. 

  Radon or Gamma ray surveys (natural gamma ray intensity and amount of radionucleids )around active faults indicate a Connection to Earthquakes.  Hot thermal vent areas : Gamma ray intensity and contents of Th- ot Uranium series radionucleids are relatively high on active faults of subduition zone or landslide areas compared to the normal sea bottom areas.  Gamma ray measurement of central part of Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Ridge Tripple Junction of southwestern Indian Ocean were carried out in 1998 (MODE'98). It is very interesting that Th-series radionucleids are characteristically high in Indian Ocean.

NOTE : Earth’s Core ‘Mysteriously’ Shifts Causing near Simultaneous Antipodal Earthquakes in Central America, South America and Indonesia :

Check the April 2005 Issue of SCIENTIC AMERICAN :  "Probing the GEODYNAMO".  In the last decade or so, an "Increasing in Intensity" Outward-directed Magnetic flux patch has developed in the area off Sumatra/Australia, where the ocean water from the tropical Pacific to the Indian Ocean (through the Indonesian Archipelogo) goes through.  Compare the Map on page 55 to this web site map :        The warm shallow current is being HEATED up.   We are not just experiencing "Climate changes"....a Polarity Reversal is in Progress. 

   Whether the magnetic field is primarily molten-metal flow dynamics or electron current loops, or a combination of those and other factors, a magnetic pole reversal may be of significance to the search for clean energy generation and transportation. If earth magnetic anomalies become more frequent or are concentrated in certain areas, we could see disruption of existing electrical grids, even without the dramatic atmosphere expansion and radiation damaging to life and computers.  PES Network Inc.( )  wants to encourage people in all geographical regions to participate in magnetic-pole data collection and reporting. A community-editable directory page at has been created for this purpose.

   Not being discussed in open scientific circles however, and certainly not to public knowledge, are that these growing global instances of stressful core activities, coupled with the increasing instability of the earth's magnetic field and erratic solar activity, speak more towards an external force being exerted upon the earth, that is triggering internal forces.

   The new "Strategic Plan for the U.S. Integrated Earth Observation System'' to gather and share information from satellites, ocean buoys, weather stations and other surface and airborne instruments is a system designed to monitor planetary changes.

Retired Navy Vice Adm. Conrad C. Lautenbacher, undersecretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and NOAA administrator, recently announced President Bush's proposed fiscal year 2005 budget for the Commerce Department's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Washington.

Lautenbacher says NOAA's request $3.4 billion, an increase of $146.9 million over the FY 2004 request.

NOAA and NASA begin science experiment with UAVs
EDWARDS, Calif., 20 April 2005.
Can unmanned aircraft be used effectively for Earth science experiments? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in cooperation with NASA and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI), are seeking to answer that question during a series of atmospheric and oceanic research flights off the California coastline this spring.

DHS activates 50-state warning system
FALLS CHURCH, Va., 14 April 2005. Arrowhead Global Solutions, Inc. announced today the successful roll-out of the Critical infrastructure Warning Information Network (CWIN) to all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

     Earth Observation...“The Coming Global Superstorms

Excerpt from :     

  In late 2003, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution published a study indicating that the polar oceans were losing their salinity while tropical waters were becoming more salty. At the same time, dramatic changes in ocean currents crucial to the stability of the world's climate were being recorded, and unusual and violent weather was unfolding worldwide. Woods Hole scientists have detected a change in the Gulf Stream circulation of the North Atlantic "of remarkable amplitude" which is "the largest and most dramatic oceanic change ever measured in the era of modern instruments."

Climate change would appear to be accelerating even more rapidly than predicted in Art Bell and Whitley Strieber's the Coming Global Superstorm, the book after which the current blockbuster film "The day After Tomorrow" was based on. There is now a definite possibility that the entire planetary system of ocean currents could change its configuration abruptly, with a consequent dramatic change in global climate, possibly including extraordinarily violent weather during the initial period of transfer between climates, which could last anywhere from months to a period of five to ten years.
     Hurricanes, hail, tornadoes, panic in the streets – and ultimately, the new Ice Age begins.

******** Strange Weather?

  Gamma Ray Bursts, Earthquakes, and Galactic Gravity Waves  :   

Gamma-Ray Bursts tutorial :


One of the most intense blasts of cosmic energy was detected by Earth orbiting spacecraft on December 27th 2004!   Some people believe that it's preceeding "Gravity Wave" interacted with Earth's EM Field and triggered "the huge earthquake that has struck off the coast of Indonesia on December 26 ,2004.

In his 1983 Ph.D. dissertation, Paul LaViolette called attention to terrestrial dangers of Galactic core explosions, pointing out that the arrival of the cosmic ray superwave they produced would be signaled by a high intensity gamma ray burst which would also generate EMP effects.  

Excerpt from :      Astronomers have theorized that gamma ray bursts might travel in association with gravity wave bursts.  In the course of their flight through space, gamma rays would be deflected by gravitational fields and would be scattered by dust and cosmic ray particles they encountered, so they would be expected to travel slightly slower than their associated gravity wave burst which would pass through space unimpeded.  After a 45,000 year light-speed journey, a gamma ray burst arrival delay of 44.6 hours would not be unexpected.    The 9.3 Richter earthquake was ten times stronger than any other earthquake during the past 25 years, and was followed just 44.6 hours later on December 27th by a very intense gamma ray burst, which was 100 fold brighter than any other in the past 25 year history of gamma ray observation.

   The Mega Gamma-ray Blast is thought to have cpme from a MAGNETAR.... a special class of neutron star that has a very intense magnetic field.  To learn about the nature of MAGNETARS, please visit these links:

"SGR", stands for Soft Gamma Repeater.   Gamma rays are some of the most powerful energy in the universe!  Monitor GAMMA RAY BURSTS at

Gravity Waves = 2012 cataclysm??
Earth and Sun both will go through a process of Magnetic Pole Reversal in 2012.  Magnetic Pole reversal is a process when North Pole and South Pole reverse positions. When this happens, at some point of time Earth's magnetic field reaches zero Gauss which simply means, Earth at that point of time has zero magnetism. When this coincides with a eleven year cycle of Sun's Polar reversal, a major problem arises.          

    Kp Index Spikes.... Will Earthquakes/Volcanos Follow?   Is there a 72 hour causal effect ?

Monitor Kp Index Spikes at :    K-indices of 5 or greater indicate storm-level geomagnetic activity. Geomagnetic storms.


NOAA Space Environment Center -- The official U.S. government bureau for real-time monitoring of solar and geophysical events, research in solar-terrestrial physics, and forecasting solar and geophysical disturbances.


From ECTV/Breaking News :



Dr. Stefaan Poedts: ESA (European Space Agency) Lead Scientist on plasma astrophysics is one of the top scientists in the world in the area of galactic waves. His research is situated in the field of computational and nonlinear Magnetohydrodynamics with applications in 'solar astrophysics'. He is particularly interested in MHD (magnetic hydro dynamics) wave dynamics (generation, propagation, and dissipation) of coronal loops, coronal holes, galactic and extra-galactic jets, and galactic and accretion disks and in the nonlinear dynamics of Coronal Mass Ejections and super-fast magnetized flows around comets, moons, and planets and the MHD shock interactions in such flows (related to space weather and earth science).

As you heard ‘live’ in my interview on the ECTV ‘Radio Hour’, Dr. Poedts supports my premise of a possible connection between a ‘spike’ in the Kp Index and its possible corraltion to seismic or volcanic activity. He goes further in suggesting it could be some sort of cosmic influence interaction with the Earth’s core.


SIDE NOTE : It is not only the direction but also the strength of this magnetic field that is a concern. In the time of dinosaurs, at an estimated 2.5 gauss, it was eighty percent stronger than it is now. This may have been one of the reasons such gigantic life forms thrived.     The smaller average size of modern animals may be due to the gradual decline of Earth's magnetism.  

     Thousands of years ago the Chinese, with their astute discovery of bio-electrical energy flows known as “meridians”, learned that magnetism promotes vigor in biological life. They used magnetic rocks in medical treatment. In the past century there has been a further decline of earth's magnetic field by another five percent down to only 0.5 gauss. This has led Dr. Dean Bonlie to identify a "magnetic deficiency syndrome" resulting from the biological stress caused by the weakening of this "energy base" for life.

The weakening of earth’s magnetism is one of the factors believed to be predictive of a pole reversal.  


Losing its protective magnetic envelope, the atmosphere would expand and become thinner, possibly leading to altitude sickness near sea level. No longer filtered out, deadly cosmic rays would kill most if, not all, living creatures on the surface. Only those living in deep caves would be safe. This scenario has prompted some to build underground bunkers in hopes of surviving.
Countering this frightening vision, NASA predicts that, rather than declining to zero gauss, the magnetic field would become disordered. Thus we might for short time have more than one north and south pole on the planet. This official scientific stance says that the magnetosphere which shields us from cosmic radiation would not entirely disappear either.   The disorderly-flip theory is supported by evidence from geology that in past reversals the decline was not total.  
Check the April 2005 Issue of SCIENTIC AMERICAN :  "Probing the GEODYNAMO". 


  The sun reverses its magnetic field like clockwork every eleven years at the peak of the sunspot cycle. The next solar flip is due in 2012. South-pointing magnetic flux moves from sunspots, which are intense magnetic loops near the equator of the sun, along “meridional flows” to the north magnetic pole, and vice versa. As the oppositely-directed charge accumulates at the poles the field declines, until eventually the reverse charge predominates.
Source: Pure Energy Systems


   There are Gamma Ray Bursts from Space and the EARTH produces them too. 

  Radon and natural gamma ray intensity (radionucleids) around faults lines and Ancient POWER Points.  

“Power Points... they form “nodes” or “vortices” that radiate multiple lines of energy.

Vortices of ENERGIES are becoming active all over the Planet.  

    SEE :

 Curving telluric "dragon" lines naturally flow between energy poles in the Earth.

     At many of these foci of energy, or vortices are volcanoes, high mountains (TIP), deep gorges (PIT), hot springs, and often mineral deposits, especially GOLD/QUARTZ/MAGNETITE, denote a vortex.   The template for our Earth is crystalline  in organization.     Furthermore, that crystalline matrix seems to be similar to a geodesic dome--a series of triangular shapes fit together to form the skin of a sphere. (A Liquid-Crystal).  The joining on the surface of the Earth at the apexes of these triangles are points of energy focus, the vortices of the Earth. "Ley lines, " form triangular shapes between vortices.

  ''The ancient sites of power were sometimes found, and sometimes deliberately constructed to mimic or enhance what could be found in nature. In either case, the forces of the natural world were used."   In the book "The Sun and the Serpent", by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, observe that leyline earth energies appear to be of different polarities.  (The Serpent or the Dragon represents forms of accumulation of air ionization, cosmic radiation, atmospheric electric charge and magnetic field intensities.) 

     I can't write a book here...SO,

I'm hoping that all this is turning VORTICES in your Mind.


See MAP of Planetary Grid Points at :

    Look at NODE Point #43 :   Compare the loction to the "Increasing in Intensity" Outward-directed Magnetic flux patch off Sumatra/Australia, on the Map (page 55) of the April 2005 Issue of SCIENTIC AMERICAN :  "Probing the GEODYNAMO".   They are the SAME location !


Lets look at this again, See the Map of the "12 PRIMARY VORTEX NODES", on the Earth, at  and  .   


SIDE NOTE :  The Sumatra Fault Line  is on a LEY LINE connecting NODES on the Primary Grid.


Western North America Power points :

 The earth is a gigantic "liquid-crystal". 


In the 1970s these EM pioneers discovered EM's crucial role in biology; especially biorhythms, healing, neurology, genetic replication, and endocrines.  EM holds both peril and promise.  Water contains liquid crystals that retain a fixed molecular structure— Charging water in a vortex may increase the amount of crystalline water.   Your BRAIN and body (made up mostly of Water) are made up of CELLS (a waveform, too—a dipole antenna—the condensation of a spinning magnetic vortex).    To exist, cells must resonate a full harmonic range of geomagnetic frequencies.

     Mitosis and meosis—the dance of cell division—is the pulse and polarization of a cell's EM cycles. Cell membrane is a longwave envelope of low frequencies in this cellular symphony. Braided through the vortex axis, DNA is a supercoiled antenna tuned to high frequency oscillations of short wave wisdom.    Threaded on DNA's spiral, a donut-shaped ribesome slides along, unlocking the cell's original instructions for transcription.


Quartz.... The human body is composed of many crystalline substances - the bones, blood and DNA are crystalline in structure, as well as the liquid crystal-colloidal structure of the brain. Even on a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electromagnetic energies.

Hazards of Man-Made Magnetism :


   There are more Secrets of DHARMA (Blue) coming soon.....


    And always remember the words of Nat King Cole :

‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return’…"


Fun with Synesthesia  :  

"There's no space like AUM."