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Christianity: A Collection and Culmination of Pagan Traditions Reinterpreted

Similarities of Christianity and PaganismChristianity was born about 2000 years ago when the followers of Christ a holy man or prophet or deity propagated this religion. At first they were the persecuted ones. Being a religious minority among Jews and Romans, they had to suffer cruelty and even death for what they believed in. Christians were tortured, killed and even crucified. They were steadfast people who were willing to suffer in the name of their Messiah.

During the time of Constantine the Great, the population of Christians became vast and great. It threatened the stability of the Roman Empire. Even Constantine’s mother, Elena was a Christian. Afraid that Christians would topple over his empire, Constantine decided the improbable, to switch the whole empire to Christianity. He declared that Rome would be known as the Holy Roman Empire.


Sun Worship


Through the centuries our ancestors whether from the east or west worshipped the Sun. They saw the sun as the giver of life. The sun was the source of the Light. Christianity has put much importance on the Light and shunned Darkness for in Darkness belonged evil. In Egypt, the Sun-God Amun-Ra was thought to resurrect every morning as the sun rises same as the resurrection seen in the Bible.

Saints were represented with a sun like halo around their head similar to the sun disks in ancient Egypt. In the east such as in Japan, they worshipped the sun-god Amaterasu which was deity who was pure. Christian worshipped on a Sunday, whilst Pagans worshipped the Sun. The sun represented the coming of seasons and tides and how life is brought fourth.


Placing Virgin Mary as the Mother of God with an Almost Divine Postion


Christianity is a patriarchal religion led by men from the highest to the lowest positions. Men were used to depict the images of God the Father and Jesus Christ. They first tried to put down women by assigning women as harlots that removed the power of men. Unfortunately, female worship was very strong and powerful in Europe. This compromised the young and fragile Christianity. In Rome, major Goddesses such as Juno, Venus and Minerva had strong followers. The oracle of Delphi and its priestesses were females. They had to do something. They had to elevate the position of Mary. Renaming her as the Queen of Heaven and Earth she was ascended into heaven by angels.

In Paganism, women symbolized fertility and life. They were symbols of the growth of the grain and thus births were seen as the power assigned to women to give life. Hence Christians could not deny this. So instead of having Mary as a virgin vessel who carried the Messiah, she was not lifted to a higher position. Up to this day, Mary has been given an almost god-like status in many countries who originally believed in matriarchal powers. Devotees of Mary pray to her and offer her gifts much like Romans and Greeks offered gifts to Hera or Juno.

Christmas: The celebration of the Yuletide Season


Yule is a Pagan tradition that celebrated the winter months when the world “died” in the cold. The Christmas tree was the Evergreen trees seen by Pagans as the holy tree that could live even in the freezing cold days of winter. Winter Solstice was the celebration of the shortest day of year that began on the December 22nd. This was continued on the 23rd and the 24th, which was the eve of Christmas. The 25th was when the sun returned and thus the birth of “Light” which is also seen as the birth of Christ in Christian faith. Many Pagan god-men were also born on the said date since it coincided with the end of the celebration of the end of Winter Solstice.


Samhain or Halloween – All Saints Day and All Souls Day


The celebration of Halloween, or Samhain as Pagans would call it was a holy time to communicate with the spirits of their ancestors. They lit candles and offered food. To imitate this age old tradition, the Catholic Church declared that the 1st of November would be the day for All Saints Day, the day of holy people who have died and did not have feast day. The following day was All Souls Day on the 2nd of November. This allowed the Pagans who have switched to Christianity to still remember their dead without succumbing to Satanic and occult ways.


Easter: Bunnies and Eggs are Symbols of Fertility


Incorporating Paganism into Christian ways made Christianity very popular and desirable. The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs are symbols of life and fertility in spring. Easter also run at the time of the Spring Equinox where the world rises from the darkness of winter and lives on; the same concept seen in the resurrection of Jesus.


The Virgin Birth


All through time and history, the virgin birth has been seen as one of the most powerful metaphors of divinity. A deity in order to be fully pure has to be conceived outside of sexual intercourse, which of course was the way humans were born and existed. Jesus was conceived after Mary, accepted the Spirit of God which descended upon her. Other similar stories was of Queen Maya, mother of Siddharta Gautama or Gautama Buddha, founder of the Buddhist religion. Queen Maya was said to have married her husband for 20 years with no children. She first had a dream of four devas or angels who carried her and adorned her with jewels in the mountains. Then she was then visited by a white elephant in a dream. The elephant had a flower on its trunk that circled her three times and put the seed in womb through her right side. Another one is Horus, the Egyptian god was born of Isis a Virgin goddess. She has required her worshipper not have sexual contact, which thus mean that she too did not conceive Horus through consummating acts.

In Horus’s story, which happened thousands of years before the birth of Christ, Horus was born on the 25th of December as well. He was born at end of Winter Solstice as a Sun god. A later version of Amun-Ra, he exemplified power over darkness, since he was the Light god. He was worshipped by the Egyptians as their deliverer from the evils of the nightfall. In historical accounts, the similarity of the two deities’ births were too uncanny. They were both born the same date, both in a manger, to a virgin.

Christianity may be a younger religion which is a culmination of earlier traditions from various Pagan beliefs. Gnostics during the ancient times believed in an inner and outer teaching. They only allowed one to know the inner teachings when one is initiated into the sect. The inner teachings said that all the teachings said that the stories in the Bible were mystical symbols that intended inspiration rather literal interpretation. However most of the Gnostics were persecuted at time and killed. Only the Outer teachings prevailed and thus literal meanings were kept.

The book of Dan Brown, The Da Vinci code has awoken many to look into historical and more realistic meaning from the Bible. But however we look at it, Jesusa was a holy man who walked and taught kindness, humility and love. Whether or not he is divine is subject to debate, but this should not take away that kindness and love are the basic foundations of religions around the world and should be propagated. We should treat each other with respect and goodness.


Similarities of Christianity and Paganism

The Virgin Birth:

The Sun god Ra  

Amaterasu – The sun goddess

Maya, Mother of Buddha

Miraculous Births

Horus from a virgin birth

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