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Can Science Be Used to Predict the Future?

Science has always been the tool to show fact and proof. It has been the key to create discoveries that aided mankind in living to his outmost potential. Science used logic, reason and data in order to know things and predict things, but can science ever be used to predict the future?

Science and Astrology

In the ancient times, man peered into the heavens and studied the movements of the stars and planets and used what they have seen to foretell the future. Wise men from around the world looked into the skies and observed how the heavenly bodies would affect the life on earth. They predicted famines, changing of tides and many more wonders.

But as the years have gone by, scientific evidence has now been used towards the renoucing of astrology. Astronomy and astrology are now seen as two different things. Scientists, meteorologists, astronomers, physicists and chemists saw astrology as a farce. They believed that science and predicting the future had nothing to do with each other.

Predicting the Future

Predicting the future can be tricky. Skills such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, tarot reading and the like are frowned upon by science. Abiliites such as these are deemed by science as unmeasurable and therefore cannot be proven true.

But what if science ever discovers that certain individuals have evolved beyond other humans and have acquired skills to allow them to use their brains further than the normal homosapien? Studies have claimed that humans are only able to use about 10% of our brains. This means that humans can only understand and examine the world around him only to a certain extent. There is a big posibility that there are others who are given talents that allow them to foresee the future.

Occurances such as lucid dreaming and deja vu have already been seen by science. Many individuals experience it, even if these people do not claim any special divination talents. This can show that future can be predicted by man.

Theory of Relativity

The Theory of Relativity states that time does not run in a chronological manner as we know it. It runs in a non linear way. What we know as past is percieved by our mind as something that has happened behind us and what we know as future is something our mind sees as something before us. But if time does not run in that manner and it is relative then therefore what we know as future may not really be something that lies in ahead and the unknown.

And if time does not run in a linear manner then therefore someone may already be experienced the said future whereas others have not. Much like if you are looking at a moving car on a road, it all depends on where you are standing and how you percieve the car.

Scientific Predictions and Theories

Science and factual datas have always been used to look into the future. It has been used to give information about space where in things are lightyears away. Science can predict occurances by puttng two and two together. Through careful observation and experimentation, science has predicted thigns that may occur.

Can Science and Divination Unite?

For now Science lies in one end of the spectrum while divinaion like tarot reading, clairvoyance and other forms of divination lies in the other end. They are of two different fields as most forms of divinations cannot be observed with controlled data. However in the future, there is a big chance that astrology and science can unite.

Humans are capable of many things now that were considered impossible before. Therefore knowing the unknown can just be around the corner. This knowledge can change the course of history and give rise to a better or worse future.

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