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Psychic Telepathy and how to develop it

Telepathy is the ability to communicate or transmit massages between minds, without the help of sense organs. It refers to the transmission or communication of thoughts through the mind, which can be developed with regular practice.

Telepathy is the apparent communication between two minds, without the use of the five physical senses or the conventional methods of communication like, verbal and written communication. It refers to the ability to transfer or communicate thoughts via the mind. Believers in the existence of telepathic ability are of the opinion that it is the innate ability to read the mind or thoughts of other people, and is present in humans, as well as many other living creatures.

Though telepathy has not been able to get acceptance from the scientific community, due to absence of satisfactory working mechanism, large number of people believe in the existence of such instinctual and innate ability of the mind to send and receive massages without the help of the sense organs. They believe that we mainly fail to notice such telepathic abilities of the mind, as we tend to ignore our instinctual feeling.

How to Develop Telepathy?

Believers in telepathy are of the opinion that the development of this mental ability, as well as other psychic abilities is very much possible with the help of some exercises and deep meditation. These methods help to control the mind and enable to focus and concentrate in a better way, in order to enhance the telepathic abilities of the individuals. The first step to develop telepathy is to believe in the existence of telepathic abilities and possibility of telepathic communication without a shred of doubt. One has to also believe completely in the abilities of his or her mind to develop such psychic abilities.

The next step is to practice some simple exercises to improve the ability of your mind to concentrate. Meditation techniques can help immensely to strengthen the mind and increase concentration, which in turn, can help to realize such psychic abilities. You can practice these exercises on your own or take a friend or relative to help you in this endeavor. There are some great psychics on oranum and psychic source that you can try, if you want some inspiration.

To begin with, one should practice the simple and easy exercises and for a short period of time. Practicing telepathic exercises for a prolonged time period can lead to mental tiredness or exhaustion, if you are a beginner. If you could find a partner or friend, who also believes in telepathy, then the whole process can become more interesting. You can start with a simple exercise or game like guessing the color or object that your partner is thinking. Explain to your partner that he or she is supposed to be the sender and you are the receiver.

The sender is required to think and visualize a particular color, object or a geometric shape in his or her mind for a preset time limit. As for example, take five colors or five objects to begin with and ask the sender to visualize any one of the object or the color, to send the image to the receiver through telepathic communication. Now, the receiver has to tell what color or object the sender is visualizing. For doing so successfully, relax your mind and meditate or concentrate in the present moment, without thinking anything else. Then try to connect to the mind of the sender, in order to pick up the telepathic message, he or she is sending. After a preset time period, the sender has to name the object or color that the sender is visualizing.

If the receiver fails to name the object correctly, then the sender has to again concentrate and visualize the particular object and send or transmit the message to the receiver. Once the practice session is over, try to examine and analyze the kind of images that you were receiving, while trying to pick up what your partner was visualizing. However, do not strain your mind excessively while practicing the exercises for increasing telepathic power. Keep the practice session short in the initial stage, and then gradually prolong the session in order to sharpen your telepathic abilities. For practicing such exercises, choose a calm and serene place or room, away from any kind of distraction. The beginners can also consider taking the help of a professional or expert in this field to get more satisfactory results.

By Chandramita Bora

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