UFO Photo Gallery


P7140007 (536K) P7140008 (550K)
John Greenewald speaks at lunch Another view of John and crowd

P7150009 (535K) P7150010 (487K)
Dr. David Gordon from MUFON LA Paul Davids - Roswell Movie Producer

sm.JesseMarcelJr (41K) sm.JohnSchusslerandJamesCarion (62K)
Paola Harris and Jesse Marcel Jr. John Schussler and James Carrion
John is turning over the reigns of MUFON to James

sm.Yvonne,BillH,Paola,Paul (51K) smLindaPaolaYvonne (44K)
Yvonne Smith, Bill Hamilton, Paola Harris and Paul Davids Linda Howe, Paola, and Yvonne

sm.billandLeo (49K)
Old Timers Dr. Leo R. Sprinkle and Bill Hamilton

NEW: RETRO UFO CONFERENCE Landers, CA April 29, 2006

RetroUFO-1 (61K) RetroUFO-4 (61K)
The early crowd gathers Bill Ryan and Bill Hamilton

RetroUFO-6 (71K) RetroUFO-7 (47K)
Dr. Louis Turi and me Pals by the Integrattron

The Contactees

DanielFry (100K) Fry_Oregon_Saucer (83K)
Contactee Daniel W, Fry Dan's photo of Saucer over Oregon

The Integratron

Integratron (16K) IntI5-1-05 (38K)
The Integratron is a 38-foot high,
55-foot diameter,
non-metallic structure
originally designed by George Van Tassel
as a rejuvenation and
time machine
The Integratron plaque May 1, 2005
now marks it as a historical site
in Landers, California. LtoR:
Bob Short(contactee), Matthew Boone
(Van's grandson),Bill Hamilton


The Scientists and Engineers

BUhouse98 (233K)
Bill Uhouse speaks 1998 Dan Burisch speaks Dan Woolman physicist
Dan lost in thought Dan and BJ at our last meeting
Bill Hamilton and Bill Uhouse Recent photo of John Lear

Meeting with Dr. Dan Burisch

Dan met with me at an undisclosed location to explain his findings with Project Star Flower. We discussed the mysterious "ganesh" particle and its ability to create cell bridges and restore cells to health. We also discussed many other subjects including the EBEs, the program at S-4, and the future of planet earth. Dan wishes to share this information with his scientific peers and the public as he feels the Lotus is the starter seed that brought life to earth and has some remarkable properties and behavior heretofore unseen in the biological sciences.

Dan and I Dan explains Lotus
Dan shows video on experiment Dan adjusts picture

Rachel, Nevada Memorial Day Weekend 2002

The Little A'le'Inn A'le'Inn's Saucer
BJ Wolf mans camera Jim from MUFON Idaho
BJ and Little A'le'Inn Ike Bishop SD MUFON Idaho
Bill and BJ My 1993 Encounter site off Hwy 375
Mail Box Road Fire in the sky over my home in Lancaster

Roswell, New Mexico June 8, 2002

Col. Blanchard's Base House Site of old Hospital Roswell AFB
Famous Hangar 84 Roswell AFB Roswell AFB, home for spare parts 2002
The old jail house where Sheriff Wilcox worked Roswell storefront features aliens
Walking up to the Roswell UFO Museum The Roswell UFO Museum Display

MUFON Symposium California July 20-22, 2001

Stanton Friedman Budd Hopkins
Dr. Roger Leir Don Waldrop Dir. MUFON_LA
Rob Baldwin & Shawn Atlanti
San Diego UFO
Paul Davids, Director of Roswell movie
Ron Regehr, UFO Hunter

Skywatch July 14, 2001

Our skywatch party meets
inside the Integratron
Our skywatch party
telling stories
Model of the Integratron
inside the Integratron
Story board on Giant Rock
and Integratron